Sunday, 30 December 2012

I Must Have Been Good This Year: Santa Goodies

I was totally spoilt this Christmas and was lucky enough to receive tonnes of beautiful gifts. I have enjoyed reading what everyone received for Christmas so I thought I would do my own post. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and were also spoilt rotten. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my family and friends for my lovely presents.

I received some gorgeous jumpers. The bottom two with sequins are from Next, the Grey jumper is from Exhibit and the little vest is from Dunnes Stores Savida range. I have been living in the two Next jumpers since I received them as they are so cuddly and warm. No doubt they will all feature in OOTD's soon.

Next up are some girly bits. I was so delighted to receive Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche, as it my all time favourite perfume and I haven't had in a couple of months. I also got a lovely selection of nail varnishes. I love the little OPI sets as it gives you an opportunity to try out a variety of colours. I have already taken NOTD pictures with some of these beautiful colours.

I felt I should hide this book in this picture as it is slightly vulgar but none the less makes me laugh. (You can see it in all its glory in the top picture) It is just a little note book that you can write down all your blog ideas. It is from Urban Outfitters. The purse is also from Urban Outfitters. I love the concept of this purse, as you can pop your i phone/money and cards in it and you are good to go. This had featured in one of my blog wishlists. I also got two Yankee Candles in the same scent, but this is my absolutely favourite Yankee candle scent so I am not even tempted to change one. Finally I got a book voucher for Eason which I am delighted about as I have my eye on a Sinead Moriarty book that I can not justify buying myself as I have so many other books to read, so I will pick that up.

I was super excited to receive some Origins products as I have only ever tried Vitazing and I adore it. I have read great reviews about these two products. I think I will have a pamper night soon and use all of these and my Lush bath bomb. I also received money for horse riding lessons as horse riding is a passion of mine and I recently started back to give myself an outlet from college, but it is very expensive.

These were my two main presents. Which resulted in me having a permanent grin on my face for the entire Christmas. I had an original i Pad so I was surprised to receive an i Pad 3 but I got great use out of my old one and I was no longer able to update it so it was lovely to receive a new white one. Finally I received the medium navy Longchamps bag that will be fantastic for my college. I already have it full of rubbish.

Have you done a "What I got for Christmas post"? If so feel free to leave your link below and I will check it out or if even just let me know your favourite gift in the comments.


Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Merry Christmas & A Little Update

Happy Christmas Lovelies!
 I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday and got spoilt rotten! I had a super lazy day which consisted of eating, watching movies and playing board games with my family. It was heaven. 
So where do I start... I have been neglecting my poor little blog lately due to a gruelling college schedule. As most of you probably know I am currently completing my masters in accounting and I honestly have never in my life found anything so challenging. It is constant battle to find time to myself, I don't even get the weekends off. In saying that I have learnt a lot this semester and I hope to approach things in a different manner next year as I realise a balance between work and social life is vital. 

Anyway the good news is, I am now on holidays for one entire month and I have loads of ideas to blog about as well as Christmas gifts that will require reviews. So far I have been catching up on sleep and TV and just relaxing but I am itching to get my blog back on track.

My Inglot and Lush giveaway ended on the 21st of December and I am pleased to announce the winner is Anne from fashionynails. Congratulations Anne xxx  

I had great intentions to get up for the Next sale this morning as I had seen some gorgeous items in the petite section but when my alarm went off at 5:30am I thought to myself maybe this isn't such a great idea and decided to stay snuggled up in bed, but low and behold when I eventually awoke from my slumber my fantastic mum had trekked into Next and picked up all the items I wanted. How lucky am I? Thank you Mum! Did you girls pick up anything nice in the sales? 


Thursday, 6 December 2012

Boohoo £100 Party Pose Competition

Boohoo £100 Challenge

Maya Scoop Neck Skater Dress £12.00
Mariska Black Suedette Platform Heal £25.00
Kelsey Ruched Sleeve Woven Blazer £25.00
Harper Spiker Bracelet £8.00
Mille Large Stud Earrings £4.00
Lillah Metallic Clutch £15.00
Lola 50 Denier Colour Tights £4.00
Eudora Deep Sea Nail Varnish £4.00

I recently received an email asking would I like to take part in the Boohoo £100 challenge to be in with a chance to win a £100 voucher for myself but also a £250 voucher for my readers. Well, I thought it would be foolish not to participate.

So for my challenge I picked this beautiful blue skater dress which is a steal for only £12.00 I love this royal blue colour and the skater style dress really suits my figure. Next I decided to stick to more neutral pieces as the dress is quite a striking colour, so I picked these black heals that have a hint of gold on the heel which will blend in nicely with my jewellery. I figured these heels are a good basic and you could wear them with a vast majority of outfits, so say next time my budget was £30 I could just pick a dress to match these heals and I am sorted! I had to pick tights and a blazer as part of my outfit as I am cold creature I would catch my death if I stepped out in just the skater dress. This blazer would also be fabulous paired with a simple white tank and black skinnies and the heels, but also lovely for over the dress to keep in some heat. For accessories I picked this cute clutch which has a shoulder strap attached so you can wear it both ways. I think this is also a casual enough piece to wear for a day shopping as you wouldn't end up carrying around half the house in it. For jewellery I decided to keep it simple by adding this cute spike bracelet and stud earrings. Finally I picked a deep blue nail varnish to add the finishing touches to my ensemble. Can you believe I have picked up 8 items and I managed to be under the £100 budget.

I have bought items from Boohoo in the past and have nothing but good things to say about them. I have always been happy with my purchases and their delivery has been very good in comparison to Topshop (I honestly think they send the Topshop deliveries by tortoise as they take so long to reach Ireland) Thankfully I have never had to return any items so I cant comment on that part of their service. 
What I love about Boohoo is their affordable prices. A dress for £30 how can you go wrong? Also I would like to commend them of offering student discount to Irish students! So many retailers forget about us poor little Irish students and don't allow us to avail of student discount online.

Have you picked up any nice Boohoo items recently, let me know in the comments below, also if you have complete this challenge please leave me your link below as I would love to see what outfits you girls picked. 


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Crazy Fit Machine aka Power Plates

Since starting college in Dublin I have been eating total rubbish constantly and as a result of this I have gained about 5lbs. Now 5lbs may not seem like much but considering I am only 5'2 any weight gain is very noticeable on my small frame. My goal is to lose these extra 5lbs and tone up and hopefully gain some extra energy in the process. In order to achieve this I have started horse riding and joined the gym. When I am home at the weekend I have also been using the Vibroplate aka Power Plates. 

So let me tell you a little bit about the Vibroplate, it's claims and then I will move onto my experiences with it.

It claims the following benefits can be achieved-

  • Weight Loss 
  • Blood Circulation 
  • Hormonal Benefits 
  • Skin Elasticity
  • Prevents Osteoporosis
  • Better Bone Density 
  • Body Remodelling 
  • Muscle Strengthening 
  • Cardio Circulatory System 
  • Anti Stress 

How does it work?
"The movement of the vibration plate stimulates the body's natural 'stretch reflex'. This is similar to the knee jerk reaction that occurs when the knee is tapped by a reflex hammer in a doctors office without thinking of it, your body responds with a strong involuntary muscle contraction. leading to your leg 'kicking' out. With the Vibroplate technology these strong muscle contractions can be repeated at a rapid rate. Due to the involuntary effect on muscle contraction, nearly 100% of the muscle fibers are recruited. Compare this with conventional training where there is only on average 40% muscle recruitment. This benefits the rehabilitation patient looking to add stability and strength to all muscles around their joints, to the athlete looking to maximize strength gains.

The gentle rapid contractions allow the muscles to work as a pump introducing blood to even the smallest blood vessels. This leads to the ability of the body to carry off waste products much faster, leading to increased peripheral circulation"

You simply stand on the machine for 10minutes (It claims 10minutes is equivalent to 1 hour in the gym) and you can complete the different exercises as shown in the above picture. Personally I rather stand still and put it up the highest setting as I feel it does the most work on all aspects of my body. You can feel EVERYWHERE shake. It is a very funny sensation to begin with it, but is in no way uncomfortable. I have never had any side effects such as muscle pain from it and I do suffer from a bad back. My only negative is I find it a little boring just standing doing nothing for 10 minutes.

I have used this machine before holidays during the summer and definitely found it beneficial. I noticed my mid riff was more toned after a couple of sessions and every time I stepped off the machine my thighs tingle which is a result of the increased circulation. I know this is beneficial in combating cellulite. It claims to help you lose weight and tone up but honestly I think you need to make an effort in every aspect to see real results, so this includes doing more exercise and making healthy food choices. I will keep up updated in my progress.

Have any of you girls tried power plates? Do you feel they are beneficial? 


Friday, 30 November 2012

Korres Lip Butter

Korres Pomergranate Lip Butter

The Price
I bought this on Feel Unique after hearing so many bloggers rave about it. It cost £7.00 which could be considered pricey for a lip balm but as long as I long the product is good, personally I don't mind spending a little extra. You get 6 g of product which I think is standard for a lip product but it doesn't look or feel like much.

The Packaging
It comes in a cute little cardboard box that the lip balm slides out of. I was surprised at how light the actual lip balm was. Some people may like this as it isn't heavy to carry around but personally I feel it makes the product appear cheap. I am not a fan of lip products which you have to apply with your fingers as I feel they accumulate germs quicker, so I usually deviate towards lip products in tube/stick.

The Product
I regret having to say this but I actually hate this product! I was so excited to finally purchase it as it got such rave reviews, but I felt it made my lips feel really dry rather than moisturised. Also I find when its on my lips its irritates them slightly. I always feel like wiping it straight off. The colour is only ok, I think a cheaper lip product would give the same result as it appears quite natural looking on my lips even though in the container it appears to be a deep enough colour. This next point may be my own issue rather than the products but I find it a pain to apply as I always have to apply it with a mirror otherwise I manage to get it outside my natural lip line and it looks a mess! I definitely wont be purchasing any more of these lip butter butters but I feel the ingredients don't agree with me rather than them being a bad product.

Have you girls tried any of the Korres Lip Butters? What did you think of them?


Wednesday, 28 November 2012

100th Post Giveaway!

I thought it was time to do a little giveaway on my blog and figured my 100th post would be reason to celebrate and hold a giveaway. I would like to thank every single one of you for following and taking the time to read my little blog. I really appreciate it and honesty don't think I would have made it to 100 posts if it wasn't for all your amazing comments and feedback.

There will be one winner of the two products and it is open worldwide. The only rule is that you follow me on GFC. If you have any questions just pop them in the comment section below and I will get straight back to you. 

Thank you xxx 


Monday, 26 November 2012

NOTD: Models Own Champagne & Update

Recently I have developed a new addiction to nail varnish. I use to always opt for a french paint but lately I have been loving having different colours on my nails. This Models Own colour is the most recent addition to my collection. (Purchased pre-spending ban) It is a beautiful colour which would compliment any skin tone. Every time I look at it on my nails it reminds me of Christmas!

I was surprised how easy this was to apply, I thought it would have been one of them colours that automatically went streaky and would be a chore to apply, but it applied like a dream. In the above picture I have two coats on and I found that it lasted approx 4 days without chipping. That is an achievement on my nails as I always manage to chip my polish on day one or two! I definitely want to try more of the Models Own polishes.

As a side note, I just want to apologise for neglecting my blog of late. I am totally snowed under with college work and pretty stressed with it all to be honest. I recently had an auditing essay to write which was a battle to say the least and after struggling with it every evening the last thing I felt like doing was writing a blog post.  Anyway I would like to thank all my lovely followers for sticking by me and not unsubscribing (my next post will be a giveaway). I will try post more regularly but can't promise as my finals are starting in two weeks and I have a gruelling schedual. Are any of you girls in the same situation? I am struggling to find a balance between study and having time to myself. I would be grateful for any advise.

Also I am in the market for a lilac colour nail varnish. Have you girls any suggestions?



Saturday, 3 November 2012

Empties Post: Vol 1

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, Frizz-ease 3 Day Straight, Lush Ultra bland, Macadamia Deep Repair Masque, Lush Eau Roma Water, The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish, Dove Original
For some reason at the moment I am throughly enjoying the influx of blog post on "empties". I feel when I see empty products on a blog that I can believe the reviews, as they have clearly used up all the product. I also like the little short reviews that come attached to the empties. I decided to take the plunge and post about my own empties.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, Frizz-ease 3 Day Straight, Lush Ultra bland, Macadamia Deep Repair Masque

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
I think this foundation is becoming holy grail territory for me. I have started on my third bottle. I love the consistency and the finish it gives. I find it gives a beautiful dewy finish to my dry skin. I always get compliments on my skin when wearing this foundation.

Frizz-Ease 3 Day Straight
This is also another product which I swear by. I have a review here. I just spritz it in my hair when it is wet and proceed to blow dry my hair. It always gives me perfect results. 

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque
I am not a massive fan of this masque even though I just bought another 500 ml tub of it, but that was because it was on offer in TK Max. It does the exact same job as my usual Kerastase masque, but the reason I am not a big fan is due to the fact I am allergic to the shampoo which accompanies this masque. I found every time I used the shampoo, I got hives on my face therefore I am always slightly nervous of any products in the Macadamia range. So far I have had no reaction to the masque but that could be due to the fact I only apply it to the ends of my hair.

Lush Ultra Bland
This is another holy grail item for me. My skin can get very dry and flaky and nothing but Ultra Bland soothes it. I use this at night time as it leaves a film of oil on my face, which some people would be totally grossed out by, but my skin adores this and it leaves it in perfect condition in the morning.

Lush Eau Roma Water, The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish, Dove Original

Lush Eau Roma Water
This was a staple in my cleansing routine up until recently when I discovered the La Roche-Posay Solution Micelaire Physiologique (Review). I used the Eau Roma Water as a cleanser for my face in the morning as it is really gentle. I still have another full bottle of the Eau Water, which I will use up but I don't see myself repurchasing it.

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish
I wasn't particularly enamoured with this body polish. The main reason I purchased it was for the scent. It wouldn't really call it a body scrub as I didn't feel it really exfoliated my skin. I much rather my Soap and Glory scrubs as I feel they do a better job and they are cheaper. I definitely wont repurchase this.

Dove Deodorant Original
This is my go-to deodorant. I love the fresh clean scent of it. I don't buy it all the time as when it isn't on offer it is fairly pricy.


Wednesday, 31 October 2012

La Roche-Posay Solution Micellaire Physiologique

If you have seen my previous wish lists you will notice Bioderma features regularly on them. I have wanted to try it for ages but cannot justify the price and the postage costs to Ireland. When I was in Boots I decided to search for an alternative. I found two of them, the La Roche-Posey Solution Micelaire Physiologique and Avene Eau Thermale Micellar Lotion Cleanser. I had read a review on the Avene water which stated it wasn't that great at removing make-up and considering I wear heavy enough make-up on a daily basis I decided to opt for the La Roche Posay version.

I have been using this for over two months and I adore it! I use it at night by applying it to dry cotton wool and wiping off my make-up and then following up with my Lush Ultra Bland Cleanser. In the morning I do the same but don't bother with the Ultra Bland as it is too oily for daytime use. Also my skin tends to get irritated if I over cleanse, so this is the perfect solution. Previously I was just using Lush Eau Roma water which was doing the trick but I feel the La Roche Posay leaves my skin feeling cleaner.

 Currently I have been under massive amount of stress from moving house and starting in a new college. Usually when I am under stress it will show on my skin in the form of big ugly craters of spots. Since using this cleansing water I have only had to contend with one spot which was during my time of the month, so that wasn't the cleansers fault. Otherwise my skin has been very well behaved and I haven't even had to deal with any of my usual dry patches. I highly recommend this cleansing water as a gentle make-up remover. Also I am ashamed to admit it but on occasion I use it alone at night time when I am to tired to do my entire cleansing routine. I use it instead of a make-up wipes and find it much kinder on my skin and it removes all traces of my make-up.

The only negative I have about this product is that I wish it had a pump on the bottle rather than having to pour it straight onto cotton wool as half the time I manage to pour too much and the rest of the time I pour too little.

For all the Irish girlies, I purchased mine in Boots in Liffey Valley. I thought id let you know as I  haven't seen it in many other stores and it cost approx. €16.00.

Have any of you girls tried this cleansing water or any other brands?
What are your thoughts on them? I haven't tried any other brand so unfortunately I don't have any comparisons to offer.


Monday, 29 October 2012

Let The Spending Diet Commence!


From November 1st I vow to start a spending diet for an entire month. I know a month does not sound like much of a challenge but considering it is coming up to Christmas, I will have to do some spending in December, and I figure one month is better than nothing.

 Since moving to Dublin I have been a disaster! Dundrum shopping centre is literally down the road from me, constantly tempting me. I have never had such an array of shops at my doorstep and my poor bank balance is feeling it. What I am cutting out is all impulse purchases and non essential purchases. I have also downloaded the iPhone app iXpenselt Lite to record my spending for the month. 

I am going to record all the items I feel "I have to have" and if l I still want them in a month I may considering purchasing them. I hope this task encourages me to shop my stash with regards to my make-up and clothing and that I discover some old favourites. 

Last year I completed a spending diet for about two months and it did me the world of good. When I started buying items again it really made me question my purchases for example, Do I really need this top? Do I have one like it? What will I wear it with? And I ended up buying much less as a result. 

Have any of you girls been splurging lately? What have you been buying? Do you want to start the spending diet with me? A month surely can't be that difficult can it? 

Also feel free to link me to your haul post so I can live vicariously through you girls for the month of November.


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Autumn Wishlist

Autumn Wish List

Topshop Cable Pom Hat
With winter coming up and living in Ireland you need as many layers as possible. I thought this hat from Topshop is super cute and snuggly. 
Diana Von Furstenberg Bag
Unfortunately I think this bag is no longer available. But it is an amazing bag as at the back there is an iPad compartment which acts like a case. You can pop your iPad in and lift down the flap and play with your iPad on your lap. I am not doing it justice describing it. I will supply a link here so you can see the amazing bag in action. 

Topshop Gold Glitter Stardust Nail Varnish
This is features simply because I wish to do a gold accent nail. I have seen loads of lovely pictures on Pinterest and I want to replicate them.

Lush Magic Wand Bubble Bar
I have wanted to tried this for ages but never manage to get my hands on it because it is so popular and because it is a seasonal product. It is my mission to try it this year.     

New Look Parka
Since creating this wish list I have actually invested in a Parka from A-wear (OOTD Post) I am so happy with my purchase I have been wearing it non stop! I went for the A-wear one as I felt the lace detail gives the parka a nice feminine touch.

Check Shirt  
Every time I see girls wearing these shirts I think they look so cute. So I am currently on the look out for one. I don't mind what the brand is as long as it is slightly fitted. I don't want a baggy one as they can take over my small frame. Here is a picture of Anna Saccone wearing a beautiful one, although a bin bag would look amazing on her!   

Wet Look Leggings
I seen an OOTD on Ellie's blog and fell in love with her wet look leggings. I bought a pair in Bershka the other day but I honestly don't know what to wear them with and if I'm even brave enough to pull them off! I will keep you posted and maybe you might see an OOTD featuring them.

Topshop I Phone Purse
I think this purse is such a good idea! If you are on a night out or simply popping to the shop you can have your phone, money and cards safe in the one place. 

Recently I purchased new tan Uggs and now it kills me to put on my Primark black Uggs. They offer no support for my feet and look like they are years old even though I have only worn them a couple of times.

Tory Burch Robinson Mini Square Tote
I need a new bag in my life! Handbags are my thing! I will always choose handbags over shoes. I haven't purchased a new handbag in ages. I want a big tan one that I can bring to college. I adore this Tory Burch one but unfortunately it is way out of my price range. Im currently lusting after the famous Zara shopper but I am resisting as I'm about to commit to a spending ban!

What is on your Autumn wish list? 


Monday, 22 October 2012

NOTD: Maybelline Forever Strong Pro Rose Poudre

I think this is my third or fourth Maybelline Forever Strong nail varnish I have purchased. I love them! I actually seen a swatch for this one online and fell in love with the colour. I went straight out and bought it, but then left it for ages because every time I went to paint my nails the colour never appealed to me. Well, today I took the plunge and I love it. The colour appears much deeper in the bottle which originally put me off but on the nails it is a lovely nude colour which would suit most skin tones. It applied very easily and dried very quickly. The consistency does appear to be slightly different to the other polishes in the range as, I had to have a lot of polish on my brush to get smooth strokes. In the above pictures I applied two coats but if you wanted a very natural look you could easily get away with one. I only applied it this morning so I cant comment on it's lasting power but I do find the other colours I have last a while without chipping. 

Have you tried these nail polishes? Would you recommend any colours for me to try?


Saturday, 20 October 2012

OOTD: If You Go Down To The Woods Today..

Parka A-wear (Not on the website but still in stores)
Scarf Primark 
Jeans Forever 21 

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Spending Diet....Fail!

Nike Hoodie Lifestyle Sports €45.00

Nike legend Tight Pant Lifestyle Sports €46.00

Primark Cardigan €18.00

Primark Cardigan €16.00

Primark Snood €4 or €5 (Cant remember the exact price)

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque 500ml TK Max €26.99

TK Max Candles
For Every Body Sugar Cookie €8.99
Copenhagen Candle Orange & Coconut €9.99 (Smells exactly like the inside of Hollister)

Sorry about the quality of my images. I am finding it very difficult to photograph my clothing. Have any of you got any tips? I would love to hear some advise. I recently joined the gym and realised I do not own a stitch of gym clothing so hence the above purchases. I can't justify my Primark purchases. I honestly think I have a problem. I can't walk into the place without buying something!
Next up was my Mum's fault because she informed me that she has seen the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque in TK Max. I know €26.99 seems like a lot to spend on conditioner but it is 500 ml. I recently purchased 250 ml of Kerastase for approximately €24.00. And with both these conditioners a little goes a long way. The 250 ml tube lasts me just under 3 months. Every time I go into TK Max I have to have a smell of all the candles. It is a ritual at this stage. Anyway I decided to pick up two for my college room. I have bought the For Every Body Candle before and it lasted ages.
My spending diet is going to resume very shortly so you have permission to give out if any hauls pop up on my blog in the month of November xxx

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