Thursday, 1 March 2012

Clarasonic Mia White

I purchased my Clarasonic about 2 months ago from and managed to buy it for £108 with discount codes and free shipping to Ireland. To begin, let me tell you about my skin type. I have skin equivalent to a cornflake the minute water touches it it goes all dry and flakey! Nothing seems to remove my dry skin, exfoliators just seem to annoy it and make it drier and no matter what cream I apply I still manage to get these incessant dry patches on my nose and forehead. But no dry patches are not enough to contend with I also am prone to cystic acne that lovely kind that I refer to as "underground spots" the lumps that appear and take over a week to disappear. If I apply any lotion to these the dry patches act up even worse than before leaving me in somewhat of a predicitment. 

So now you understand why I was interested in the Clarasonic I thought that the gentle exfoliation would remove the flakes and my skin would be perfect. Previously I have tried the Body Shop exfoliated brush and found it good but for some reason I thought the Clarasonic would be better and it was one of these items I just had to try. Now I do love my Clarasonic and when push comes to shove I don't think id part with it but the first few weeks of the so called "purging" was a form of torture!! I have never had so many spots in my life and not just pimples the underground spots came in groups to invade my face! And it seemed to last forever :( Thankfully they have gone now but only after I stopped using my Clarasonic for a week!

I have started using it again now same as before just to cleanse my face at night time with Lush Ultra Bland (holy grail skincare for me) and thankfully I have seemed to gone passed the 'purging' stage and my skin is behaving. I haven't noticed any improvement on blackheads or a reduction in my pore size but I am content enough with the flake free smooth skin it leaves me with. Finally I do enjoy the effects of the Clarasonic but it I lost it I do not think I would pay £108 to replace it when the Body Shop brush does a pretty similar job.  

If you have any questions for me please do not hesitate to ask xxx 



  1. Can't wait to buy one, I've heard such great things about it!

  2. Thank you for your comment :) xxx Do you have any questions about it? It took me ages to buy it cuz I was so unsure about the price of it!! :)

  3. urghhh I get the submarine spots too! Absolute torture!! Nothing I ever do could help. Mines like to cause pain for about a week, push to the surface just enough to be bright red and attention seeking, then it dries up and my skin just doesn't repair around it for about two weeks. Sometimes, if I'm lucky, it will also scab over nicely. This usually occurs just before events where I'll be getting my photo taken!
    This is why I also seriously looked into a Clarisonic. I ummed and ahh'd for about 2 years before I finally got my hands on it (£50 in a blog sale, can you believe?!). Do you feel like it has helped with your underground spots? In just over a month of using this everyday I've not had one eruption (eww) which is fab news, but I'm just waiting for that fateful day! I agree that it doesn't do much for blackheads, but it also really helps my dry skin and allows me to put foundation on smoothly with no flakiness appearing!

    1. Hi, Thank you so much for such an amazing comment!! xxx :) You have me giggling at submarine spots!! Mine are the exact same as you describe! Unfortunately I think I have one emerging on my chin at the moment but I'm hoping its not that bad!! I think the Clarasonic has definitely helped with the spots once I got over the purging stage but I think I was using the Clarasonic too much then (twice a day) where as now I only use it and night and my skin has been very well behaved :) xxx and I strong think I have the Clarasonic to thank for it xxx

  4. I've got one & I've been on and off with it! Its making my skin rash so badly! :(


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