Thursday, 1 March 2012

February In's & Out's


1. The Hunger Games

(Image from Google images)

I have been slow getting on the band wagon with this series but as I was sick this weekend I decided I might as well see what all the hype was about. Boy they weren't lying I started this on Saturday and finished it Saturday evening! It was amazing and i could not put it down!! I am usually not into fantasy books but for some reason I found the hunger games to flow and I soon was so absorbed I forgot it was fantasy I was reading.

2. Online Shopping  

Having been bed bound for the last week I have found pleasure in a bit of retail therapy from the likes of Boohoo and Topshop. Below is the damage I have done. (Images from Topshop and Boohoo)

Leigh Black Skinny Jeans £38.00

Knitted Mix Stripe Jumper £38.00

Flippy Hem Dress £15.00


(I actually purchased the wool version of this scarf but it is now out of stock on the website and they have not despatched it with the rest of my order so it looks like i will not been getting it sad times )

Monica 'There Was A Girl' Top £15.00 (Boohoo)

3. Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I bought these over Christmas and only used them the other day. I was actually surprised how easy they were to apply and how lovely they turned out and as I always manage to smudge my nail polish this was a handy alternative. The only negatives I can say about these is that the nail sizes are actually very big and I had difficulty getting them to fit my nails and also once you open the packet they dry up instantly so even though you get 16 you have to throw out the extra 6 once opened which is a shame.

4. Sanctuary Hot Sugar Scrub

This is the second time I have purchased this scrub. It has to be my favorite body scrub on the market. It is isn't over priced at approximately €12. The best bit about this is that it heats up when it touches your skin which in my opinion is heaven!! and it does a lovely job of removing all the dead skin cells.


1. Sick

(Image from Google images)

As mentioned earlier I have been bed bound for a week with a horrific viral infection which I can not seem to get rid off hopefully I will be better by Monday as I am getting bored and can not afford to miss any more college. 

2. College Work 

I have now missed an entire week of college because of this stupid virus which means more stress when I eventually do get better as I have loads of work and project to catch up on :( 

3. Car Tax 

Finally the last out is I had to pay my dreaded car tax this week which is always painful parting with 160 for a little piece if paper. But it has to be done.


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