Sunday, 11 March 2012

Gelish DIY

What you will need 

Nail File 
Cuticle Stick 
Lint Free Wipes 
UV Lamp
Harmony Nail Prep PH Bond
Gelish Foundation Gel
Gelish Pink Smoothie
Gelish Top It Off  

Step 1 - You will need to start with clean nails. First file them into the shape you would like and next gently push back your cuticles. Next just gently buff your nails and wipe them with acetone to ensure all oil and dust has been removed. 

Step 2 - First you need to apply one coat of Harmony Nail Prep PH Bond. This just dehydrates the nail plate which aids in the application of the gel. There is no need to cure this coat under the UV light.

Step 3 - Next apply one coat of Gelish Foundation Gel. When applying the foundation gel it is important to apply a very very thin layer and also ensuring none of it touch your cuticles or the skin surrounding your nail as if it does it will make your manicure more lightly to chip. Also give the free edge of each nail a light coating of the gel as this will also help prevent chipping. You then have to cure this coat for 1 minute under a UV light or 30 seconds if you have a LED light.

Step 4 - Now you can apply your first coat of colour (I am using Pink Smoothie) You apply this in the same manner you would apply nail varnish but as before make sure your apply a thin coat and avoid getting product on your skin and also remember to coat the free edge of your nails. When you have applied your first coat of colour you will have to cure it once again under the UV light for 1 minute. 

Step 5 - Next simple apply another coat of your colour and cure once again for 1 minute under your UV light.

Step 6 - Nearly there, now you just have to apply one final coat of the Gelish Top It Off using the same methods as the above steps and cure once again for 1 minute.


Step 7 - Finally you just have to wipe your nails with rubbing alcohol to remove the tackiness and you are good to go.

The result 

It takes a good few practices to get the hang of it and create the perfect manicure. I still can not get mine to last me the entire 2 weeks so I definitely need more practice but it lasts longer than a normal manicure and I find my nails grow longer with the gel on. I am going to try and sandwich a normal nail varnish colour in between the foundation coat and top coat and see how I get on with that. I will let you know if it is a successful mission. If you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments below xxx 


  1. Wow, these came out very pretty! I have done acrylic nails at home couple times! Not so easy! :) Now I have nail polish for a while. :)


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    1. Thank you for your comment xxx Usually my nails turn out nicer but it was typical because I was taking pictures they didn't turn out perfect!! :) Acrylic are very tricky and they take me forever!! :) xxx Going to check out your blog now xxx Thank you for the link xxx

  2. They turned out really well! I quite fancy a go at gel nails but I think I'd get bored of wearing one colour for a few weeks - I like to switch it up a lot! x

    1. Thank you for the comment :) xxx Sometimes i just paint them with clear gel to make them stronger and then paint over them with my own polish :) xxx but if you have good nails anyways there would be no point mine always break :) xxx

  3. I've been wanting to try this!

    1. Its actually easy enough once you get the hang of it although it is time consuming xxx I love your post on bikinis xxx You have an amazing blog I'm following :) xxx

  4. Great post, I love your blog:-)
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    1. Thank you for following me xxx Your blog is fantastic am following back :) xxx

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    1. Thank you xxx Is following thru GFC the same as following thru blogger? I followed you through that :) xxx You are beautiful! Seen your gorgeous pictures xxx

  6. great tips! xx

  7. Wow that looks professional! Great post.


    1. Thank you so much for you comment xxx I love the name of your blog xxx Im following you!! You have beautiful photos xxx

  8. How awesome! I did not know you could do this at home! Are the light boxes very expensive?


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