Monday, 19 March 2012

Monday Summary

Where do I start?? It all took off on Thursday! I had to do a presentation for college which involved lecturing the class on management accounting for an hour but one of the group members was too nervous and bailed an hour before the presentation! So I had an hour to learn his part of the presentation which made way more nervous. So I don't think it went a well as it could have.

Next I had tickets to a comedy gig on Thursday night but I managed to get the dates mixed up and I missed it as I was on the previous week. I was devastated as I was looking forward to a good laugh after my awful day but I remained positive as it could be must worse.

On Saturday it was St Patrick's Day here are a few pictures from our local parade. I live in a small enough town so the parade is pretty tame.

On Saturday night I headed out bowling which was good fun. I got 6 strikes in one game!! I don't know how I managed that because usually I am rubbish at bowling!! 

Next we headed to the cinema to see 21 Jump Street. I enjoyed it. It was nice just to sit down and watch something not to taxing and just have a laugh. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend xxx And that all the Mummy's had a lovely relaxing Mothers Day xxx  
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