Sunday, 15 April 2012

My Week In Pictures

Coco after her haircut / Walking / Treat Night / Hair Dye / Studying all week for finals / Usual weather in Ireland / Sunset on the way home from college / Messing in the forest / On route to Enniskillen 


  1. your pup is soo adorable, and I love that phone case! and omg Ireland looks so beautiful, I just want to visit so badly!!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment xxx Ireland is really beautiful but the only downside is that it rains constantly!! That is why it is so green :) xxx

  2. Beautiful photos -- definitely makes me want to visit Ireland asap! Good luck with finals! xo

  3. I love these kind of posts. I have the same phone cover but in baby blue. I found you through blog hop :) happy hopping.

    B xxx


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