Saturday, 7 April 2012

Sad Times

I am devastated!! Today my beloved arm candy Micheal Kors MK5161 watch broke!! I thought I write as post about this as this is not the first time for this to happen and also a lot of people comment on my Micheal Kors watch so I wanted to let you guys know what can happen and also enquire have any of you experienced this with your watches?

I bought my watch from the Watch Shop in October 2010 for £300. Yes £300 and it has broken twice!! It first broke in December 2010 after only having it for 2 months. One evening it simple fell off my wrist when I was watching TV. Thinking it would only be a simple repair and that my warranty said the strap was not included in the warranty. I brought it into my local jeweler who informed me that he would not fix it as the watch strap in ceramic and he could not fix the broken link, but he kindly informed me that I should return it to Micheal Kors as it was poor workman ship and that my watch was in perfect condition (had never been dropped or abused) so it should be covered under warranty.

The next day I contacted the Watch Shop who were amazing! They gave me all the information I needed and suggested I send it back to Micheal Kors. So I shipped my watch off by registered post and about 3 weeks later received my watch repaired free of charge. The service from Micheal Kors and the Watch Shop could not have been better.

Just yesterday the same fault appeared again and it fell off my wrist while I was out shopping which resulted in a tiny scratch on the face. I am going to sent it back to Micheal Kors again as it is the same as the original fault and I have never dropped my watch or damaged it in any way that it could break like this. For £300 I would expect the watch to last more than 18months. I just hope they will repair as it is my favourite watch and would be devestated if it would not be repaired and I really don't want to change to a different watch.

Have you guys experience any faults like this? What did you do?  Is it the ceramic straps that are more prone to breaking?

I will keep you updated on the situation xxx

Love Aveen
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