Friday, 11 May 2012

Cheeky Pull and Bear Haul

I went into town today for an appointment and managed to get slightly side tracked and ended up in Pull and Bear. They have some gorgeous pieces in there at the moment. I picked up this Neon top and thought it would be lovely for casual days, paired with dark or light skinny jeans and flip flops.

I seen Little Kiva do a OOTD wearing Pull and Bear Jeans and they looked fabulous so I wanted to try them out. They fit like a glove and look lovely on. My only complaint is that they only have one leg length and for a tiny girl like me measuring in a 5'2 most pairs covered my feet along with my legs. I managed to find two pairs that were slightly shorter that I can turn up and they don't look silly.

Neon Sweatshirt   €19.99 

   Basic Skinny Jeans €19.99 

Watch Claire's Accessories €14.95

I have mentioned in a previous post my Micheal Kors watch is currently in watch hospital.
My mum was so kind to pick up this pretty watch from Claire's as I need a watch during my exams and I doubt I will get my Micheal Kors back in time.

Love Aveen xxx


  1. Replies
    1. Aww Thank you xxx I was a bit unsure of it a the start but I thought why not! :) xxx

  2. nice picks, cute outfit together..

  3. That neon top is fantastic! I think I might need to invest in some more neon pieces for this season!!

  4. Love the jumper :) cute colour xxx

  5. That watch is so cute, love the little charm.

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