Friday, 8 June 2012

Chanel Illusion D' Ombre - Ebloui

I bought this eye shadow months ago when they first came out and for some reason I could not get it to work for me. It is a beautiful colour but it has red undertones which makes it hard to pair with other colours so I ended up neglecting it for the longest time. 

As it is a cream eye shadow it works best when you apply it as a base. This is where I have the problem as when you apply it all over the eye, the colour becomes quite reddish and it is a pretty deep colour so I don't particularly like it all over the lid. I have also been having difficulty pairing it with other eyeshadows but I think I just need to be a little more adventurous.

The eyeshadow itself has beautiful pigmentation, applies smoothly and I have had no issues with it creasing. It also has a lovely spongey consistency which leads me to believe it will not dry up like the Mac paint points. It can also be used as an eyeliner.

 Recently I was looking through my collection and spotted it and thought to myself the bloody price of it I will make it work! I have been wearing Mac prancing all over the lid and then the Chanel colour in the crease and it looks beautiful. While I do rate this product I wish I bought it in a different colour and I don't think I would purchase another one as the price tag is pretty hefty at €28.00. As drugstores brand are coming out with amazing creme eyeshadows now I don't think I could justify the price. 

Have any of you tried this eyeshadow? What colours would you pair with it? I would love to hear your suggestions.

Love Aveen xxx 

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