Monday, 18 June 2012

Makeup Collection/Storage

This is where I store all my make up and apply it every morning. Recently I have done a massive deep clean on my room and changed this setup but I am going to have to change it back to the original setup (above) as the new setup is not practical.

On top of my storage boxes I keep essentials and some pallets which don't fit in my storage.

I have two of these drawers from WH Smith and I find them a good option for storage. The only thing I would suggest is when storing makeup pick dark colours or boxes which you can wipe clean as you will see with my second box the paler colour has gotten grubby over time. 

Top 3 Drawers 
Primers / Pigments / Eye & Lip Pencils

Middle 2 Drawers 
Blushes / Bronzers 

Bottom Drawer 

Top 3 Drawers 
Mascaras / Paint Pots / Lipsticks

Middle 2 Drawers 
Lipglosses / Single Eyeshadows 

Bottom Drawer 
Eye Shadow Pallets 

I keep this little basket in one of the drawers in my desk. In this I store my day to day products which I am currently using. I switch these out regularly.

If there is anything in my collection you would like to see in more detail or would like a review on just let me know.

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