Saturday, 18 August 2012

John Frieda You Tube Tutorials

I recently received an email asking me would I like to check out John Frieda's new hair tutorials that are available their new You Tube channel. Well I checked them out and found them absolutely brilliant. I am not the greatest when it comes to DIY hairstyles. My hair is super thick and takes approx 40 minutes straighten so I tend to just straighten it and not to do much more messing as that is a style I am most comfortable with and it always turns out perfect with the help of John Frieda Frizz-Ease 3 day straight. (Review here
But having said all that I long to experiment with cute different looks and even find a look that is not so time consuming. I would love to be able to wash my hair spend 10 minutes styling and be good to go! Currently I need to use militarily precision when it comes to doing my hair.  


One particular style I adore is the fish tail braid but as my hair is so thick I have always struggled doing it myself. But low and behold in the tutorial above they have given me the perfect trick which is to pop an elastic band in your hair before starting the braid and when you are finished you can simply slide it off. It make it so so much easier. I love fishtail braids as they look cute and casual and also that you have made an effort. They are great for college and work as sometimes it drives me mad having my hair in my face. The tutorial shows two fishtail braids but I just do one where I gather all my hair into a side pony tail and braid it over my shoulder.

John Frieda have 39 videos on their channel from beach waves (next on my list to try) to a top knot. I found the videos really helpful as they give step by step instruction which I need! And they also get the models to help create the hair style which gives me the impression it is definitely achievable at home. 

What are some of your favourite hairstyles and products to use? Have any of you girls have thick long hair? What styles do you tend to lean towards?



  1. The fishtail braid is my favorite braid to do! I already can do it - but I'm definitely going to check out the other videos. Found you through Aloha Friday blog hop!
    Nikki at Bedazzles After Dark

  2. Wow! I've always wondered how people did that braid, and from the video it looks simple! I'll have to wait to try it out on my sister though...I have very thick but SHORT hair so I can't do much with it! I'll be checking out more videos though because I'm about to start cosmetology school and I want to get a headstart on some styling skills!


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