Thursday, 2 August 2012

July Favourites

Kim Kardashian
I do love Kim Kardashian but I dont think I would class her as one of my monthly favourites. So why include the photo? There is method to my madness. I absolutely adore her makeup in this photo which I spotted in last months issue of Stellar magazine. This leads me onto my first three favourites...

Inspired by Kim I decided to recreate the baby pink look and gathered together all my light pink make up. This was the lip combo I came up with and love it. I have also worn Nars Turkish Delight on top of the lipstick as it gives a lovely milky pink finish.

I have also being wearing this blush in my quest to recreate Kim's make up but I think I need a lighter pink. I would say for the past 3 months I have worn Mac blush in Lilicent creme blush every single day so I have welcomed the change with open arms and am loving the look of slightly flushed cheeks that Well Dressed gives.  

I bought this eyeshadow in July and have being wearing it constantly. I just wear it alone for a nice wash of colour on the eyelids. I do find it creases at the end of the day but it is not that noticeable so I don't mind. This is a beautiful colour on in so far that it is natural but not invisible. I feel it would suit most skin tones. I will review it in comparison to Mac paint pots soon.

Pandora Bracelet
I wear my Pandora most days so it is an all time favourite but this month as a birthday present I received two new charms. I got the two charms whilst on holiday in Portugal so I will always have fond memories of them. The apple symbolises my obsession with everything Mac. This is a running joke in my family as my brother is a software developer and Windows through and through. The pink charm just matches the other coloured charms on my bracelet and I had wanted another glass charm for a while to balance my bracelet. You can see my full Pandora here.

Stellar Magazine
I love this magazine so much I actually bought a subscription for it. I have never done that for any magazine before! One of the main reasons I love Stellar is the fact it is an Irish magazine so everything advertised in it is available to me. I also like the variety of articles it contains, from beauty to lifestyle and fashion. This are the only magazines I actually hold onto as I feel I could look back on some of the articles. 

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Omega 3's 
My hair and skin have become extremely dry since coming home from holidays so I have been taking fish oils in order to nourish from the inside out. Sometime I find no matter have much cream I apply my skin is still never moisturised enough. When this happens I start on a course of Omega tablets (sometime I even buy the childrens chewable ones so I can keep them in my handbag) and I  also try to increased my water intake.  



  1. Great favorites! Kim's makeup is gorgeous in that picture.

  2. Love you favourites. A couple of them are my all time favourites, like maybelline colour tattoo in bad to the bronze and mac well dressed I wear quite often. I've always wanted a pandora bracelet, the two charms you got are lovely!

    Blush Bug

  3. I saw your post on twitter and had to check it out. I love that picture of Kim, she is so classy and gorgeous!

  4. Great favs, I really want to try that Mac blush too!

    Check out my review of the new Dior perfume!

  5. Love the baby pink!

  6. Aha aww bless you with the whole Kim K thing. I bet you look gorgeous with that combo!

    CAn't wait for the comparison post between the MAC Paint Pots and the Maybelline ones. I've been meaning to gift one of them to my sister and wasn't sure which one was better :-) xx

  7. I love Mac products and love the lip color combination you came up with. New follower from the mom blog hop!


  8. Lovely blog :) I found you through the blog hop and I am your newest follower. feel free to stop by my blog.


  9. Great favourites :)
    Kim Kardashian always has immaculate make-up, she's a real fashion and beauty idol to me. Also, I'm obsessed with MAC make-up :)

    I've followed you :)


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