Friday, 28 September 2012

How Much Does My Face Cost?

Rimmel Wake Me Up - True Ivory

Setting Powder 
Smashbox Halo Powder


Eye Shadow 
Eye Liner 

Grand Total £211.37

I am actually surprised I expected it to be up in the £300 range! I do tend to switch out my products regularly, on some occasions I will be using a high end foundation and a cheap and cheerful lipstick or vice versa, so this probably is a true enough representation of how much my face costs. The average of each products cost £19.22 That is expensive enough when you think of it, as I would consider spending over £20 on a make up item a treat! It appears I have been treating myself a bit too often!
I decided to do this tag in sterling as I would not have been able to source all the prices of my products in euro. I just converted the final sterling figure into euro to give an idea of the euro equivalent.

Have you done this tag, if so please leave your links in the comment as I would love to see how much your face costs. Do you think £211 is an excessive amount? 


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Soap And Glory Some Like It Hot Thermal Scrub

The Price 
I picked up 3 Soap & Glory products in Boots recently as they were on a 3 for 2 deal (This offer is still currently available). This made all of my products fantastic value. The Hot Thermal Scrub has been on my beauty wish list for some time now so I decided to take the plunge when I spotted the offer. Even when Soap & Glory aren't on offer I think they are very reasonable priced. They are slightly more expensive than normal drug store products but well worth is as I find the quality excellent.   

The Packaging 
Crazily enough I have never tried a scrub from a tube before, usually all my scrubs come in pots. I have to say I am converted, I love it in a tube. I have skin like a crocodile and have to exfoliate quite regularly, so I do it in the shower rather than the bath. I find with the pots, the water from the shower always gets into the pot and dissolves some of the product and I tend to waste a lot. With the tube it was much easier to control the amount I was using and the rest of the product wasn't getting damaged. The only thing I have found with using this product is that you have to shake the tube before you use it to ensure it is all combined. 

The Product 
I love the stuff! It doesn't smell like the normal Soap & Glory scent but it has a beautiful fruity fragrance. I have tried Flake Away many times and enjoy it but I find it quite abrasive so I cant use it regularly or I may not have any skin left. As you can see from the above picture, Some Like It Hot contains tiny particles of pumice that make it more delicate but still very effective. My skin is flake free after using this and following up with the Soap & Glory Smooth Ultra Rich Body Lotion. As for the Thermal aspect of this product BOY does it heat up. It is amazing! I feel like I am getting a spa treatment when I apply it. It heats up when it touches your skin and when you massage it in, the sensation doesn't last particularly long but I am a cold creature so any extra heat makes me extremely happy. All in all I am throughly enjoying this scrub and would definitely repurchase it again. 

What are some of your Soap & Glory favourites? I think their skincare line is next on my list to test.


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

The Price
In Ireland this is priced at €27.50, which is a lot of money but it is around the average price range for department store beauty products. If you keep an eye out the Debenhams website regularly offer deals where you can get 10% off make up products and free shipping. The price tag was one of the main reasons this product stayed on my wish list for so long. I didn't want to fork out €27.50 for what could be fancy smelling water in a bottle. Thankfully it is worth the price tag!

The Packaging
The packaging of this product is fantastic. The spray bottle allows you to spritz the product on your face evenly without spraying too much in one area. This is a huge bonus as I have many spray bottles that I end up with a disparity of product on my face... Mac Fix + is a culprit! The design on this bottle is my favourite in comparison to the other sprays in the range.

The Product
Make up setting spray came on my radar quite while ago when You Tube guru's were raving about Skindinavia setting sprays. (Skindinaiva also make the Urban Decay spray) I was interested in them but couldn't justify the price tag, shipping charges and customs bill I would be face with if I ordered them online. I went on my merry way and forgot all about setting sprays and continued to use my Mac Fix+ even though I feel that it doesn't make any difference in keeping my make up in place.

I was shopping in Dublin one of the days and as I was having a snoop around the Urban Decay counter, I spotted All Nighter. I gave my face a quick spritz with it and thought nothing of it until that evening I was looking in the mirror and low and behold my make up looked like I had just applied it!! Well, there and then I was sold! On my next trip to Dublin I went straight into House of Fraser and purchased it. 

I have used it every single day since I bought it and I am finding it fantastic. When I finish applying all my make up I shake the all nighter bottle and spritz my face in a "x" motion. In the evening my make up looks nearly perfect and I don't touch up during the day. I even notice when I removing my make up in the evening that a lot more make up is coming off as none has moved during the day.
 The only time it hasn't worked and I wouldn't expect it too was when I had the flu I found my make up was all over the place but this was because I had a high temperature and I was blowing my nose all day.
For reference I have very dry skin but throughout the day my tea zone can get slightly oily, that is why I choose the All Nighter instead of the Dewy Me spray. De Slick is also one available for oily skin. 

Have you tried any setting sprays? What did you think of them? 


Monday, 17 September 2012

Tag: 13 Personal Questions

1. What do you order at Starbucks?
Im pretty boring I usually get tea or if I'm feeling wild I will splash out on a hot chocolate.             Unfortunately I don't like coffee although I adore the smell of it. I wish I enjoyed coffee and then I could try some of Starbucks fancy drinks.

2. What's one thing in your closet that you cannot live without?

Apart from undergarments, I think I would have to say jeans as I wear jeans constantly from skinnies, jeggings and boot leg.

3. What's one thing that most people probably wouldn't know about you?
I adore apple juice but am unfortunately allergic to it! I am not super allergic so I can have it occasionally but for some reason it gives me hives. 

4. Name one thing that you want to do before you die?
I definitely want to visit Australia before I die.

5. What's one food that you cannot live without?
French fries! I am ashamed to admit it but they are my favourite food.

6. What quote/phrase do you live your life by?
You only have one life, live it!

7. What do you like and dislike about the YT community?
The hate that some You Tubers receive is terrible. There should be some sort of system to prevent some of the comments that get said to some You Tubers. No one should have to listen to that kind of bullying. That is the reason I am not brave enough to start You Tube. I am not sure I would be strong enough to handle constant negative comments.

8. What's your number one most listened to song on iTunes?
I thought this could be an embarrassing one but it's not it is Adele Rumour Has It 

9. What kind of style would you define yourself as having?
Im honesty not sure what kind of style I have. I don't consider myself fashionable in the slightest but I love to look nice and feel good about my outfit but I don't think I have a particular style I just go with the flow and what I personally like. 

10. Favourite number 
Any even number. I am not a fan of odd numbers and I have no idea why.

11. Two hobbies
Blogging and horse riding. Although I haven't being horse riding in ages.

 12. Two pet peeves
God only two that is hard. My main pet peeve is bad manners! I can not stand bad manners! I work in retail and I have when customers neglect to say thank you or when you hold the door open and it is not even acknowledged. The second one would be eating with your mouth open or just noisy eating! I am really intolerant to it.

13. Guilty Pleasure
It has to be a bit of Justin Bieber. When I'm driving alone I love listening to Baby Baby Baby and will quiet happily sing along.

I tag anyone who wishes to do this tag. If you do please leave me your links in the comments as I would love to read them.


Friday, 14 September 2012

NOTD Essie Fiji

This is the first Essie nail polish I have ever bought and I love it! I think it may be the start of an obsession. Although at €12.99 a pop I will probably have to refrain myself. I have lusted after Fiji for some time now but Essie is particularly hard to find in Ireland, but low and behold Boots have now introduced the entire Essie line into their stores which is amazing. 
Anyway back to the polish. The formula makes it a dream to apply and it gives a beautiful finish. In the above picture I have applied two coats for full opacity. The shade is a lovely soft pink which would match any skin tone. I did find that it chipped after about 2 days wear but I think I am rough on my nails because unless I have gel nail on my polish never lasts. 

What are your favourite Essie colours?


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Review: John Frieda Full Repair Full Body Shampoo

The Price
The price is this shampoo is very reasonable. It comes in around €8.00 and on many occasions Boots offer a 3 for the price of 2 on the John Frieda range. My hair is type is dry and frizzy and can have the look about it that I have stuck my finger in an electrical socket so I tend to be really fussy about my hair care and mostly opt for higher end products. Full Repair feels and smells like a high end product so for €8.00 I think it is a bargin.

The Packaging
The packaging is the same as all the John Frieda products. The only issue I have about the packaging is that it is sometimes difficult to open with wet hands and when I open it with my teeth I manage to get a mouthful of shampoo! I also tend to use a lot more product with this style of packaging as it flows out freely, but I think that is just me rather than a packaging flaw. The good thing about this kind of packaging is that is it very simple to cut the top off when the product is nearly finished and you always manage to get more product out.

The Product
I am actually shocked how much I like this product. I am usually a shampoo snob and think the best shampoos are the high end brands. Firstly this smells divine! The scent filled up my shower while I was washing my hair and it was heavenly. It smelt like I was in a luxurious salon. It also had a lovely lather to it and my hair felt lovely and clean afterwards. Sometime when I use a rich shampoo I find it can leave a residue on my hair thankfully this was not the case.

What I tend to do when washing my hair is for my first wash cleanse my hair with whatever is in the shower. This gets rid of the oils and grease. For my second wash I use my Kerastase shampoo and follow with the Kerastase hair mask. (I use this as my conditioner)

On the last few occasions I used the Full Repair for my two washes and followed with my Kerestase conditioner. After washing my hair I always rinse my hair with cold water over the bath. I find it makes my hair lovely and shiney and would be amazed how much product is still left in your hair. After washing my hair felt lovely and soft and I could not tell the different that I had used a drugstore shampoo.

Have you girls tried any John Frieda products? What do you think of them? Personally the Frizz Ease 3 Day Straight is a holy grail item for me.


Monday, 10 September 2012

August Favourites

I bought the Core collection a couple of months ago. I dont particularly like the detailer brush or the foundation brush, but I love the contour and buffing brush. The buffing brush is taking pride of place in this months favourites as I have used it every single day since I bought it! It buffs foundation into the skin beautifully and leaves a flawless finish.

Recently I have fallen back in love with my Mac palette. I go through phases of using it and not using it. Recently I have been putting All That Glitters all over my lid, Patina in the crease and Satin Taupe in the corner for a bit more definition, and finally I apply some Phloof in the inner corner.

Sally Hansen Nail Strenger
Sorry about the rubbish picture and the state of the bottle the only thing I can say in my defence is that it truly shows that this it is a firm favourite this month. Anyway, I have just removed my gel nails and my poor nails are in need of some serious TLC. I have used this in the past and found it fantastic. You have to apply it daily and sometimes I even apply it as my base coat.

I am actually a fan of all the Bourjois bronzers. I generally use them on my neck to blend in my foundation. I am particularly fond of this one because of the massive mirror that comes with it. It is great for touch ups throughout the day. I rarely use the brush provided to apply the bronzer but recently I have been using it at an angle to it to apply my contour. It is great if you have trouble finding the natural hollow in your cheeks and also places the product in the right area without the worry of going overboard.  

Tip: Has your mascara dried up?
Ever find your mascara is on its last legs and you havent gotten a chance to replace it? Just pop the mascara container into a cup of warm water and leave it sit for a few minutes. It will loosen up the remaining mascara inside and it will tide you over until you purchase a new one.


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Oops I Did It Again - Primark Haul

Primark Scarf €5.00

Primark Boots €18.00

Primark Bracelet €5.00

Primark Top €11.00

Primark €15.00

Primark Hair Accessories
Hair Donut €1.50
Hair Ties €1.50 
Plastic Hair Ties €1.00

Kiss Nails €9.99

Bershka Blazer €25.99

I am really sorry for the lack of posts this week. I have just moved to Dublin to start my Masters in Accounting and I'm super busy getting settled in and organised. I bought these items about two weeks ago so they all should still be available if you see anything you fancy. I hope get some posts organised during the weekend and catch up reading some blogs.
Have any of you girls started back at college? How are you finding being back? Personally I am finding it exhausting.


Monday, 3 September 2012

The Body Shop Body Butter

I am a huge fan of The Body Shop and love loads of their products, the body butters being my absolute favourites. They are always my answer when someone asks me what I would like to receive as a gift. The satsuma scent is my first preference. I love this scent so much I have even bought the body spray so I can layer the fragrances.

The Price:
For some reason companies always inflate the price when converting to Euro. In the UK these retail for £13 in Ireland they cost €18.99. I think that is very expensive for a body cream and hence the reason I only receive them as gifts. I can't justify forking out nearly €20 for a body cream which doesn't last me that long.

The Packaging
I love the packaging. It is perfect for a body cream and there is no messing with a tube trying to get the last of the product out and after paying such a hefty price tag you want to ensure it is finished. They recently redesigned the print work on the packaging and I love it. It is very sleek and minimal. 

The Product
I adore the product. I find it really does the trick moisturising my dry skin and the smell lingers for ages which is beautiful. When I put it on a night you can still smell it the next morning. The only thing about the smell is when they redesigned the packaging the changed the smell. It still smells similar but not like it use to! This upsets me greatly!! It is much more of a perfume fragrance now rather than the beautiful orange scent. It still is a very good product and feels amazing on the skin. But it was the smell that made it an exceptional product for me so for that reason I wont be repurchasing it.

Have any of you girls notice the change in scent? At first I thought it was me so I asked my cousin who is also a huge fan of this product and she agreed with me that they had change the scent.


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