Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Autumn Wishlist

Autumn Wish List

Topshop Cable Pom Hat
With winter coming up and living in Ireland you need as many layers as possible. I thought this hat from Topshop is super cute and snuggly. 
Diana Von Furstenberg Bag
Unfortunately I think this bag is no longer available. But it is an amazing bag as at the back there is an iPad compartment which acts like a case. You can pop your iPad in and lift down the flap and play with your iPad on your lap. I am not doing it justice describing it. I will supply a link here so you can see the amazing bag in action. 

Topshop Gold Glitter Stardust Nail Varnish
This is features simply because I wish to do a gold accent nail. I have seen loads of lovely pictures on Pinterest and I want to replicate them.

Lush Magic Wand Bubble Bar
I have wanted to tried this for ages but never manage to get my hands on it because it is so popular and because it is a seasonal product. It is my mission to try it this year.     

New Look Parka
Since creating this wish list I have actually invested in a Parka from A-wear (OOTD Post) I am so happy with my purchase I have been wearing it non stop! I went for the A-wear one as I felt the lace detail gives the parka a nice feminine touch.

Check Shirt  
Every time I see girls wearing these shirts I think they look so cute. So I am currently on the look out for one. I don't mind what the brand is as long as it is slightly fitted. I don't want a baggy one as they can take over my small frame. Here is a picture of Anna Saccone wearing a beautiful one, although a bin bag would look amazing on her!   

Wet Look Leggings
I seen an OOTD on Ellie's blog and fell in love with her wet look leggings. I bought a pair in Bershka the other day but I honestly don't know what to wear them with and if I'm even brave enough to pull them off! I will keep you posted and maybe you might see an OOTD featuring them.

Topshop I Phone Purse
I think this purse is such a good idea! If you are on a night out or simply popping to the shop you can have your phone, money and cards safe in the one place. 

Recently I purchased new tan Uggs and now it kills me to put on my Primark black Uggs. They offer no support for my feet and look like they are years old even though I have only worn them a couple of times.

Tory Burch Robinson Mini Square Tote
I need a new bag in my life! Handbags are my thing! I will always choose handbags over shoes. I haven't purchased a new handbag in ages. I want a big tan one that I can bring to college. I adore this Tory Burch one but unfortunately it is way out of my price range. Im currently lusting after the famous Zara shopper but I am resisting as I'm about to commit to a spending ban!

What is on your Autumn wish list? 

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