Wednesday, 31 October 2012

La Roche-Posay Solution Micellaire Physiologique

If you have seen my previous wish lists you will notice Bioderma features regularly on them. I have wanted to try it for ages but cannot justify the price and the postage costs to Ireland. When I was in Boots I decided to search for an alternative. I found two of them, the La Roche-Posey Solution Micelaire Physiologique and Avene Eau Thermale Micellar Lotion Cleanser. I had read a review on the Avene water which stated it wasn't that great at removing make-up and considering I wear heavy enough make-up on a daily basis I decided to opt for the La Roche Posay version.

I have been using this for over two months and I adore it! I use it at night by applying it to dry cotton wool and wiping off my make-up and then following up with my Lush Ultra Bland Cleanser. In the morning I do the same but don't bother with the Ultra Bland as it is too oily for daytime use. Also my skin tends to get irritated if I over cleanse, so this is the perfect solution. Previously I was just using Lush Eau Roma water which was doing the trick but I feel the La Roche Posay leaves my skin feeling cleaner.

 Currently I have been under massive amount of stress from moving house and starting in a new college. Usually when I am under stress it will show on my skin in the form of big ugly craters of spots. Since using this cleansing water I have only had to contend with one spot which was during my time of the month, so that wasn't the cleansers fault. Otherwise my skin has been very well behaved and I haven't even had to deal with any of my usual dry patches. I highly recommend this cleansing water as a gentle make-up remover. Also I am ashamed to admit it but on occasion I use it alone at night time when I am to tired to do my entire cleansing routine. I use it instead of a make-up wipes and find it much kinder on my skin and it removes all traces of my make-up.

The only negative I have about this product is that I wish it had a pump on the bottle rather than having to pour it straight onto cotton wool as half the time I manage to pour too much and the rest of the time I pour too little.

For all the Irish girlies, I purchased mine in Boots in Liffey Valley. I thought id let you know as I  haven't seen it in many other stores and it cost approx. €16.00.

Have any of you girls tried this cleansing water or any other brands?
What are your thoughts on them? I haven't tried any other brand so unfortunately I don't have any comparisons to offer.



  1. I've never tried a cleansing water but have always been really curious! Might have to check one out!
    Beauty by T

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    1. It is amazing! I was skeptical at first thinking sure its only water how good can it be! but it works wonders xxx

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