Monday, 29 October 2012

Let The Spending Diet Commence!


From November 1st I vow to start a spending diet for an entire month. I know a month does not sound like much of a challenge but considering it is coming up to Christmas, I will have to do some spending in December, and I figure one month is better than nothing.

 Since moving to Dublin I have been a disaster! Dundrum shopping centre is literally down the road from me, constantly tempting me. I have never had such an array of shops at my doorstep and my poor bank balance is feeling it. What I am cutting out is all impulse purchases and non essential purchases. I have also downloaded the iPhone app iXpenselt Lite to record my spending for the month. 

I am going to record all the items I feel "I have to have" and if l I still want them in a month I may considering purchasing them. I hope this task encourages me to shop my stash with regards to my make-up and clothing and that I discover some old favourites. 

Last year I completed a spending diet for about two months and it did me the world of good. When I started buying items again it really made me question my purchases for example, Do I really need this top? Do I have one like it? What will I wear it with? And I ended up buying much less as a result. 

Have any of you girls been splurging lately? What have you been buying? Do you want to start the spending diet with me? A month surely can't be that difficult can it? 

Also feel free to link me to your haul post so I can live vicariously through you girls for the month of November.

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