Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Spending Diet....Fail!

Nike Hoodie Lifestyle Sports €45.00

Nike legend Tight Pant Lifestyle Sports €46.00

Primark Cardigan €18.00

Primark Cardigan €16.00

Primark Snood €4 or €5 (Cant remember the exact price)

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque 500ml TK Max €26.99

TK Max Candles
For Every Body Sugar Cookie €8.99
Copenhagen Candle Orange & Coconut €9.99 (Smells exactly like the inside of Hollister)

Sorry about the quality of my images. I am finding it very difficult to photograph my clothing. Have any of you got any tips? I would love to hear some advise. I recently joined the gym and realised I do not own a stitch of gym clothing so hence the above purchases. I can't justify my Primark purchases. I honestly think I have a problem. I can't walk into the place without buying something!
Next up was my Mum's fault because she informed me that she has seen the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque in TK Max. I know €26.99 seems like a lot to spend on conditioner but it is 500 ml. I recently purchased 250 ml of Kerastase for approximately €24.00. And with both these conditioners a little goes a long way. The 250 ml tube lasts me just under 3 months. Every time I go into TK Max I have to have a smell of all the candles. It is a ritual at this stage. Anyway I decided to pick up two for my college room. I have bought the For Every Body Candle before and it lasted ages.
My spending diet is going to resume very shortly so you have permission to give out if any hauls pop up on my blog in the month of November xxx

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