Sunday, 7 October 2012

Updated Room Tour - College Room

Bed Ikea 
Duvet Set Home Store & More 
Bedside Light Ikea 
Pictures Primark €5.00

Dressing Table Ikea  
Chest Of Drawers Ikea 
Chair Ikea 
Light Ikea
Small Mirror Homebase

Laundry Basket Argos 
Tv Samsung

Book Shelf Ikea 

As most of you already know, I recently moved to Dublin to attend university so this is my new room. I am blessed with my accommodation and I adore my room. It really feels like home. To be honest the pictures don't do it much justice, its small but lovely and cosy and has everything I need. I was great fun been able to decorate my new room. I bought everything within the last month so that is why I have been able to supply so many links. Anything without a link I am not able to locate online or can't remember where it is from. The walls are painted with Homebase paint in the colour Vanilla if any of you were curious. Also if there is any of my trinkets in the pictures you like and what to know where I bought them, feel free to ask me in the comments and I will reply as soon as possible.

I also wanted to apologise for not posting regularly lately. With all the moving and starting my masters life has been hectic recently and I haven't gotten a change to write blog posts even though I have loads of ideas and pictures already taken. I am going to try and schedule some time each evening to get some posts written as I really miss it. Anyway I better end this post as I have a mountain of homework to get through and a 3 hour commute this evening.



  1. Love your room Ax

  2. Your room looks lovely, I love the bookshelf! Xo

  3. Naw your room is gorgeous! It looks so inviting :-) xo

  4. your room is so cute and cozy I love it :) the little girly touches make it more personal definitely!

  5. You have a really nice room for college accommodation. I like how you have made it your own! xx

  6. This looks lovely! I have nearly all the same furniture in my room! New follower :) found you on the blog hop x

  7. I love your bed! I just bought a new bed from Ikea and it is awesome. Your room looks so cute :)

  8. I found you through the blog hop, LOVE your blog!! You have great style it's so chic especially for a dorm room!
    Follow me back at:

  9. Found you through the blog hop :) You put all of my past dorm rooms to shame!

  10. Love your room..white has suddenly become my fav colour!

  11. I wish my dorm room looked like this! It's very cute and cozy. :)

    The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  12. Very Cute!!!
    new follower coming from BlogLove BlogHOp!

  13. Your room looks gorgeous x

    Sophie at Sophie Rose

  14. really nice


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