Wednesday, 9 January 2013

December Favourites

I have been under so much stress lately in college, it is starting to show on my skin. I look really tired all the time and I have developed a couple of spots so I decided it was time to whack out the double wear as I don't know any other foundation as full coverage as this. This has been my saviour this month as it gives my skin a flawless finish and covers up a multitude of sins.

I picked this shade up in September when I "Backed To Mac" some empties. Originally I didn't pass much heed of it and it got lost amongst my collection, but a couple of weeks ago I pulled it out and now I am hooked! It is a lovely mauve shade that is natural but yet looks like my lips but better.

A couple of weeks ago on Bloggers chat a lovely girl ask had anyone used Nars Penny Lane and I thought to myself I have that but havent used it in ages and it use to be one of my staples (as you can see from the picture) It gives a beautiful natural flush to the cheeks. I am a huge fan of creme blushes as I love the dewy finish they give to my dry skin.

Unfortually this is all gone! I am still on my spending diet so can not repurchase it and I have a bottle of Lush's Eau Water to use up so I cant even justify it as an essential. I adore this cleanser and have reviewed it here.

My Mum was kind enough to give this to me because I was whinging that I had run out of all my favourite perfumes. I wasn't expecting to love this as I always stick to my two favourite perfumes Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche and Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy and don't really like to stray from them. This scent is a beautiful flowery scent with a grown up feel to it and what I enjoyed about it was that I found it lasted throughout the day. Every time I moved I could smell it.

Benefit Hoola
This is another product which I have rediscovered lately. I was watching Anna Saccone's
make up routine and as her make up is always beautiful I always keep an eye on the products she is using. Well, she mentioned she always wears Hoola as a contour so I decided to root mine out and do the same. I love that it contains no shimmer and it is a deep enough shade which makes your face appear much slimmer.

Sorry this post is so late. The weather in Ireland is rubbish lately and I am finding it impossible to get decent photographs, hence the photos in the grass. This is the only way I can get enough natural light. Have you any suggestions for me on getting good product pictures? I would really appreciate any advice.



  1. You've used up so much of Penny Lane! I feel like I want to try it because so many people love it, it must be a great blush x

  2. I need to get a new blush, might need investigate penny lane

  3. I've been looking at that MAC Lipstick for a while now, seems as though it would be 'my lips but better' colour :) xx

  4. I’m looking for a good foundation, because the foundation which I’m using right now is fade away immediately. This must be the ideal one. I love your lipstick colour. It really matches with my complexion. Thanks for sharing your own experience. It makes us easy to buy good products.

  5. Penny Lane and Patisserie are next on my list, good luck with the spending ban x


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