Wednesday, 27 February 2013

50 Random Fact Tag

1. I am left handed along with all my family apart from my Dad
2. I am petrified of horror movies and have nightmares if I watch them
3. I have a slight obsession with Apple products
4. My hair is really curly but I only ever wear it straight 
5. I have my belly button and ears pierced
6. People always think I am much younger than I am
7. I have never tasted fish and don't think I ever will 
8. I love the crime channel 
9. I am not very social
10. I love animals. I have owed fish, bird, rabbit, cat, dog and 2 horses. 
11. Shopping makes me happy 
12. I dislike loud noises
13. I adore tea. It is the one thing I could never give up
14. I only ever listen to music in my car
15. I love reading
16. I used to own a Smart car 
17. I don't drink alcohol 
18. When I get home I get straight into my Pj's
19. My favourite Tv show is Grey's Anatomy 
20. I am extremely organised and get stressed if I am not 
21. My favourite colour is pink 
22. I tend to wish my life away
23. I cant wear odd socks it would annoy me for the day
24. I am always cold  
25. My bed is my favourite place to be
26. I am a worrier
27. I am a home bird
28. I qualified as a beauty therapist before I studied accounting
29. My blog will be 1 year old this Friday
30. I love baking but hate cooking
31. I am a super fussy eater
32. I have never broken any bones
33. But had a major accident when a truck hit myself and my horse
34. I have a first class honours degree in accounting
35. I once fainted in Mac
36. I love gel nails and wore them for 4 years straight once
37. I am good at saving money
38. My bedroom is my haven
39. My cat Kit Kat is 17 years old
40. I love skiing but cannot snowboard I have tried on many occasions
41. I am fascinated by sharks
42. I love the sun
43. I struggle to pronounce the word specific
44. I am only 5'2
45. The only meat I eat is chicken and I only eat it twice a week maximum
46. I love sending and receiving post
47. Primark is currently one of my favourite shops
48. I hate my freckles
49. My eyes change colour depending on what I am wearing
50. My favourite dessert is profiteroles and ice cream 

Have you done this tag? If you have please leave your link below as I love reading these posts.


Monday, 25 February 2013

Empties Post: Vol 2

I don't have many empties this month but quiet a few of my make up items are on their last legs so my next empties post should feature quite a few more makeup items. I only noticed when looking at these photos that this empties post is mainly hair orientated. 

Max Factor False Lash Effect 
I enjoyed this mascara and found it did a good job but during the time I was using it I was applying Dior mascara primer underneath, so that gives it a slight unfair advantage. My favourite mascara is YSL Faux Cils and I am yet to find a comparable drugstore version. Feel free to leave me your suggestions/recommendations in the comments.

Kerastase Nutritive Masque
 This is my go to conditioner. It is actually a hair mask but I use it as my conditioner as I only wash my hair twice a week. I have been using this product for years and could never switch back to drugstore conditioner. My hair is very thick and coarse so I really notice the benefits of a rich conditioner. I find it makes my hair more manageable and leaves it in fantastic condition.

Lush I Love Juicy Shampoo
I bought this as I had read a review that it was good for greasy hair and at the time I bought it my hair was greasier than normal. I did enjoy this shampoo as it left my hair feeling super clean but I hate the smell of it. It is foul and for that reason I will not be repurchasing it. I also didn't notice that it made my hair less greasy.

Batiste Dry Shampoo
I have a serious love hate relationship with dry shampoos. On the one hand I dont think I could live without them but they always make my scalp itchy and my hair feel gross. I have tried many and have yet to find one I love! I have tried loads of the Batiste versions and I think this is my favourite due to the fact it is brown in colour so when you spray it in your hair it is not as obvious as the white powder ones. I am going to do a blog post comparing a couple of dry shampoos soon. I tend to repurchase whatever dry shampoo is on offer.

Soap And Glory Daily Smooth  
I am already on my second bottle of this stuff! I adore it! I have reviewed it here

 La Roche-Posey Solution Micelaire Physiologique 
I am also a huge fan of this. I am currently nearly finished my second bottle. I have reviewed it here. However, I don't think I will be repurchasing this again only because I tend to fly thru it and it is not cheap. I feel like a waste a good bit of product pouring it on my cotton pads. I am on the hunt for a cheaper version.

What products have you finished lately? Will you be repurchasing them? Id love to know xxx


Saturday, 23 February 2013

Quick Update

I have been a bad blogger! I feel like every post I write now starts with Im sorry I haven't blogged lately and I really am, but life has literally just gotten in the way. As most of you know I am currently completing my Masters and my schedule is punishing! I never realised how tough this year would be. It is a test of stamina rather than intelligence. I leave my house at 8am and don't get home most evening until 7:45pm and at that stage I am too exhausted to even contemplate constructing a blog post. I don't even have to the time to read blogs anymore and what is even more upsetting is that I avoid looking at my own blog as I feel ashamed and guilty that it has been so neglected! Do any of you girls do this? I hope I am not the only one! As time has gone on I put blogging off more and more. But I miss it so much. I love the interaction from all you girls and the excitement of seeing new followers and my views increase. 

Anyway this update isn't very exciting as my life consists of study pretty much 24/7 but I did want to update you on my New Years Resolutions. I am extremely proud of myself and have stuck to them so far. I haven't eaten sugar since 30th January 2012! Which is a massive achievement for me as I am addicted to sugar. This is still a constant struggle for me, but I find when I eliminate sugar from my diet I eat much healthier. I also joined a Gear In Gear programme in college so I partake in one/two Body Fit classes a week. Im aware this isn't much but I honestly haven't the time for more. 

In January I was doing fantastic with increasing my water intake to two litres a day but since being back in college I find it a struggle to drink two litres as I am constantly needing to go to the bathroom. I am currently drinking on average 1.5 litres a day which is a great improvement for me as before I drank hardly any water. I am definitely starting to feel the benefits of my healthier choices, my mood has improved and I am not as exhausted as I previously was. It is definitely a slow process. I am slightly unhappy that I have only lost 2lbs during this period. Now don't get me wrong I do feel much better about my body and I feel far more confident but I would like to get back to my normal weight. The weight I was before I started college in September (I am 4lbs off this) but this is happening for me. Do you girls have any suggestions for me in losing these 4lbs? I am getting pretty disheartened due to the fact I am not seeing result on the scales. I know I could do with reducing my carb intake but I am not a fan of meat so I find it very difficult. I also want to ensure I enjoy my foods to a certain extent as life is hard enough at the moment. 

My final New Year Resolution has been to take time and take care of myself. I have been doing this and really feeling the benefits. From September to December last year I really let my college work take over  and just ate rubbish and didn't take care of my body. Now I always make sure to moisturise my body every night, apply fake tan regularly and last week I took the plunge and got my gel nails reapplied. You would be amazed how these little steps make you feel much better about yourself.

Spring break is in two week so I hope to get my blogging mojo back and start posting regularly again and getting more organised and scheduling some posts so I don't feel under pressure. I would like to thank all my AMAZING followers for sticking around even though I haven't been posting or interacting. Thank you so much! How have your New Years Resolutions been going?  Have you made any major changes? I would love to hear your experiences and have you ever gotten into a rut like myself last year? 

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