Wednesday, 27 February 2013

50 Random Fact Tag

1. I am left handed along with all my family apart from my Dad
2. I am petrified of horror movies and have nightmares if I watch them
3. I have a slight obsession with Apple products
4. My hair is really curly but I only ever wear it straight 
5. I have my belly button and ears pierced
6. People always think I am much younger than I am
7. I have never tasted fish and don't think I ever will 
8. I love the crime channel 
9. I am not very social
10. I love animals. I have owed fish, bird, rabbit, cat, dog and 2 horses. 
11. Shopping makes me happy 
12. I dislike loud noises
13. I adore tea. It is the one thing I could never give up
14. I only ever listen to music in my car
15. I love reading
16. I used to own a Smart car 
17. I don't drink alcohol 
18. When I get home I get straight into my Pj's
19. My favourite Tv show is Grey's Anatomy 
20. I am extremely organised and get stressed if I am not 
21. My favourite colour is pink 
22. I tend to wish my life away
23. I cant wear odd socks it would annoy me for the day
24. I am always cold  
25. My bed is my favourite place to be
26. I am a worrier
27. I am a home bird
28. I qualified as a beauty therapist before I studied accounting
29. My blog will be 1 year old this Friday
30. I love baking but hate cooking
31. I am a super fussy eater
32. I have never broken any bones
33. But had a major accident when a truck hit myself and my horse
34. I have a first class honours degree in accounting
35. I once fainted in Mac
36. I love gel nails and wore them for 4 years straight once
37. I am good at saving money
38. My bedroom is my haven
39. My cat Kit Kat is 17 years old
40. I love skiing but cannot snowboard I have tried on many occasions
41. I am fascinated by sharks
42. I love the sun
43. I struggle to pronounce the word specific
44. I am only 5'2
45. The only meat I eat is chicken and I only eat it twice a week maximum
46. I love sending and receiving post
47. Primark is currently one of my favourite shops
48. I hate my freckles
49. My eyes change colour depending on what I am wearing
50. My favourite dessert is profiteroles and ice cream 

Have you done this tag? If you have please leave your link below as I love reading these posts.


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