Friday, 15 March 2013

Err On The Side Of Caution


You would had to have been hiding under a rock not to hear about the imminent closure of Goggle Reader. Im not aware of all the in's and out's but it looking like GFC is also on its way out. It appears to be only a matter of time. As none of us are sure when this is going to happen I thought it best to err on the side of caution and follow all my favourite blogs on a different platform. My current favourite is Blog Lovin. It has a beautiful layout that makes it easy to see and follow all your favourite blogs. My Blog Lovin Link is I would love if you followed me over there.

I was on twitter last night and mentioned that I had transferred all the blogs that I read over to Blog Lovin and a few people asked me how you do this so I thought I would mention it. If you click it will guide you thru the process.

You can also follow me on the links below. Feel free to leave me some links in the comments as I am unsure if all my links were transferred over.

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  1. I'm following you on bloglovin but so unhappy about this whole gfc thing, there's a petition if you'd be interested, there are over 100'000 signatures so far :) x

  2. I agree with Hayley it is a shame about GFC. Ive only ust started my blog, so its a little disheartening. Like you said in your post, its nice to be followed (in a blog way). I'll be signing the petetion too.

  3. It is nice to be followed! Following you on Bloglovin. I really like it so far! I never was able to get fully acquainted with GFC. Found your blog on Aloha Friday Blog Hop :)

  4. following you on bloglovin- would love if you would follow me back- Always walk in love-

  5. I'm beginning to love Bloglovin as well. Used to hate it, but now it's growing on me. Following you :)


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