Saturday, 29 June 2013

NOTD: Kiko & Barry M

I thought I would do a quick NOTD as these posts prove very popular on my blog. I also find it handy looking at swatches if I happen to be buying a nail varnish online as I find sometimes the website swatches are lacking and this gives me the opportunity to rave a bit more about the brand Kiko. I did a blog post recently on their lipgloss which I love. While I was in the store I picked up four nail varnishes each costing €2.50. They are currently on offer but usually they are only €3.90 which is a bargain considering the quality.

As mentioned in my previous post I visited the Kiko store when I was in Portugal. I go on holidays to Portugal every year and when I am there I always get a pedicure. They are much cheaper in comparison to what you would pay at home e.g €20.00 vs €40.00. The girl who does my pedicure is absolutely amazing. She does a fantastic job and always uses Kiko polishes. Every time she paints my toes it lasts weeks so I decided I must invest in some of these polishes.

The polish featured in the above picture is Kiko 283 Dark Coral Pink and on my ring finger I have Barry M 293 Grey. I love the contrast between pink and grey. When I paint my nails in this combination again I think will do some nail art on the grey nail. I am also rocking the Kiko Dark Coral Pink on my toe nails. It makes your feet appear lovely and tanned. Kiko did not disappoint and it had similar lasting power on my finger nails as it does on my toes. It was also very easy to apply and only took two coats.

Have you tried any Kiko nail varnishes? What are your favourite colours?


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Whirlwind Week - Room Redecoration

I have being pretty quite on my blog and Twitter this week. I am meant to be writing an essay for college so I started procrastinating to the maximum and decided to paint my room. Which was a major task as my room had not been painted in years. Also in order to paint my room I had to empty it and man, I have an awful lot of crap. I was completely ruthless and threw out/gave away loads of items and even listed some on eBay you can check them out here if you would like.

Anyway, I am delighted how my room turned out so I thought I would share a picture a with you. I wanted a really neutral theme and soft colours. After trying out 8 paint samples I decided on Wheatgrass by Crown paint for my feature wall and Ivory Homebase paint for the other 3 walls. (You can see the different shades in the top left hand corner) My bedding is from Homestore + more. It love it but the quality is not great so I wouldn't repurchase bedding from there again. The three pictures on the top shelf are from Primark ages ago but I have being in Primark lately and they have some fabulous homeware bits. My next task is to hang these pictures above my bed. The rest of my room is pretty much the same as my room tour here. I have just unloaded a lot of the junk.

I am going to pop to Ikea next week and pick up another set of Alex drawers for underneath my desk and use them to store all my make up. I bought the these little trays to put inside the drawers to separate all my make up. I still need to purchase smaller plastic containers but I am having difficultly getting clear ones the only ones I can find are neon pink or green.

Have you done a room tour lately? Leave me a link below I would love to check it out.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

A Girl Can Dream

A Girl Can Dream

River Island Baggy Leggings
I see girls wearing these trousers all the time and they manage to look effortlessly cool and confident. I would love to try them out but I fear It will look like I am wearing pyjamas. This pair is from River Island. I picked a black pair to start with as I am definitely not confident enough to rock a patterned pair. I am going to pop into River Island and try these on before I take the plunge just to make sure they suit me.

I have gotten into nail art lately and wish to experiment a little more. I want to invest in dotting tools and some little diamonds. When I look up nail art on eBay I get overwhelmed as so many items come up and I don't know what to pick. I think I am going to go for dotting tools and little pink diamonds. 
I am a mascara snob! The only mascara I swear by is YSL Faux Cils. But unfortunately this currently does not fit into my non existent budget. I remember watching a Fleur De Force video ages ago and she mentioned that Collection 2000 Big Fake mascara was amazing but dried out super fast. I really want to try it and as it is inexpensive I don't mind that it dries out quickly. 
I have seen this featured on my many blogs lately and I am a sucker for a new product. I have read it is comparable to Soleil Tan De Chanel so I would like to compare them myself. The texture of the Bourjois looks much different to the Chanel. It would be lovely to find a dupe for Chanel.

Zara Navy Blue Blazer
I am starting a new job in September. This will be the first time I have worked in an office environment so I currently have zero office appropriate clothing. I am trawling through blogs looking for inspiration for nice office attire. I already have a Zara blazer and it is great quality and a lovely fit (OOTD featuring it) I would like to get the above blazer in black and navy. Blazers are a great way to dress up and outfit.

Topshop Soft Cream Cami 
I was watching Patricia Bright's You Tube video on work wear and seen her wearing the most beautiful blazer and cami. This is the cami from Topshop. It is absolutely beautiful on. It is a very versatile piece as it can be worn to work under a blazer or even on a night out with skinny jeans. Unfortunately I cant find the blazer she wore with it, it was also from Topshop but it appears to be sold out. 

I spotted this skirt on one of my favourite blogs Buy Now Blog Later. I adore Laura's style she always looks classy even when she is dressed down. Anyway she was sporting this absolutely gorgeous maxi skirt and it was an instant want for me.

Real Techniques Blush Brush
I own the Real Techniques Core Collection and adore them. I would love to try out more of the range although currently I cant justify them as I have loads of brushes. 

Marc By Marc Jacobs Wallet
I want/need a new purse. I currently have a Juicy Couture purse (You can see it here in What's in my Purse) It is starting to look worse for wear. I haven't decided exactly what new purse I would like but I want it to be black or tan and an envelope style. I also like to spend a little bit of money and invest in a good purse but not crazy money such as Mulberry prices. Mind you if I did have the dosh I would definitely splurge on Mulberry or a Tory Burch purse.

River Island Coral Sheer Layered Necklace Dress
I was in River Island the other day and this dress caught my eye. It looked absolutely gorgeous on the hanger. I didn't get a chance to try it on as I was in a rush but I think I will go back in. I am on the look out for a graduation dress as I am graduating in December. I am not sure whether to opt for a black dress or go with some colour. Unfortunately I think dress is too summery for December. What do you think? Black dress or a colourful one?

Zara Mini Shopper 
I will admit I am a sheep when it comes to fashion. I see other bloggers wearing it and I instantly want it! I have seen this Zara bag featured on so many blogs that now I feel I need it to be part of the group. The funny thing is, if I seen this bag in the shop I would not look twice at it as I think the colour is quite garish but after seeing it featured in many OOTD's it can totally finish an outfit.

Diorshow Maximiser Mascara
I adore this stuff. Review here. I have just finished my last tube. I want to repurchase it so much but it so expensive! This enables me to create the effect of YSL faux Cils using a cheaper mascara such as Maybelline Colossal Mascara. It also has last ages so I would definitely be tempted to repurchase this over a high end mascara as it will go the distance, I find YSL Faux Cils dries up very fast.

What are you girls currently lusting after? Let me know in the comments.


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Empties Post: Vol 3

This month I appear to have only skincare empties. This worries me as that means more than likely I will run out of loads of my make up items all at once. I already know I have a blush which should really be featured here as it is looking pretty shook but it is my absolute favourite and has since been discontinued so I will continue to scrape pan for the next month. These are some of the products I have finished in the last few months.

Dove Supreme Body Silk
My Mum bought me this body cream to try out recently. I enjoyed using it much more than I thought I would. It smells lovely and has a luxurious feel about it which is very good considering it is pretty inexpensive. I also find it leaves my skin lovely and moisturised. A lot of body lotions don't do this for me as the next day when I wake up my skin will look dehydrated. But this one left my skin looking and feeling nourished right throughout the next day.

Dove Deodorant Original
This is my go to deodorant. I just love the smell of it and I find it does the job it is intended for. My only grip about this product is that sometimes it can be very pricy e.g. €5.00 for the bottle. This puts me off buying it as I can purchase it in Northern Ireland for £2.00. So I only tend to purchase this when it is on an offer.

Inglot Lip Defence 02
I am so tempted to go back and repurchase this lip-balm. The only thing preventing me is that I have an abundance of lip-balms I need to finish first. This is heavenly product. It looks pink in the tube but there is only very slight pigmentation to it. I used this all winter. It soothes chapped lips and is the perfect on the go lip product when you are in a rush and not sure what to wear. It leaves your lips looking healthy and kissable. I couldn't find these on the Inglot website but they are always beside the tills and only cost approximately €5.00

Soap & Glory Righteous Butter
I am a fan of the entire Soap & Glory range, but I have two firm favourites The Righteous Butter and The Daily Smooth body lotion. The Righteous Butter is gorgeous. I adore the smell and it does a fantastic job moisturising my skin. I love the fact the smell lingers on your skin for ages afterwards. I think this is the second time I have repurchased this and I will buy it again in the future.

Nivea Pearl Beauty
I shouldn't really include this product as I just bought it because it was on an offer when my Dove one wasn't. It did the job and smells nice. I would repurchase this if the same circumstances arose again but I rather the smell of the Dove deodorant.

La Roche-Posay
Yet again this is featured in my empties! Review here. I love it and unfortunately I use it like water. I am already on my third bottle. Whilst on holidays I picked up the BioDerma and I have to admit it does not come close to this. I think this may be due to the fact I have very dry skin and I feel the La Roche Posay leaves a nice residue on my skin whereas the BioDerma I find quite drying.

Dove Pro Age Shower Gel
Oh I hadn't noticed I was such a fan of Dove until this post! My third product! I usually never stick to one brand. Anyway I picked this up on a trip to the supermarket more than likely as it was on offer. I actually really like it. It is moisturising and a little goes a long way.


Saturday, 15 June 2013

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

I have been lusting after this product for quite some time after reading loads of rave reviews online. I would have had to purchase it online in order to get my hands on it so I never bothered, as this would have resulted in me adding five other items to my basket that I didn't need. Am I the only one who does that? Anyway, whilst on holidays I spotted this in a local pharmacy and decided to take the plunge and jump on the band wagon even if I am about a year too late.

Personally I do not think it is worth the hype. Although this may be down to my dry skin type. I think it is a glorified smelly water. I have read online that it is fantastic for drying up spots. Even though I mainly suffer from dry skin. When I am under stress I get horrendous under the skin angry spots so I thought this may help them. I went on holidays straight after my exams when my skin was super angry. The perfect time to put this to the test. I started using it two days into my holiday and low and behold my skin cleared up within two weeks but I honestly don't know was it the beauty elixir or the sun. Unfortunately my gut instinct thinks it was the latter. As I have dry skin I find it quite drying when I spray it onto my face and I find myself reaching for moisturiser instantly. This doesnt bode well when you have skin as dry as mine. I feel as it is a spray it should have some moisturising effect. I like the feeling of spritzing it onto my face but honestly don't feel it has any benefits. I have recently read it can be used as a setting spray. This is my next port of call for this product. As it has a drying effect I feel it may have potential as a setting spray.

Finally, a lot of people hate the smell of this product. I am pretty indifferent to the smell. I don't detest it but it also isn't divine. It reminds me of a medical/antiseptic spray with a hint of a beauty salon smell. I will have no problem finishing up this product but I do not feel I will ever repurchase it as I just don't feel any benefits from it and it is fairly pricey. 

Have you tried the Caudalie Beauty Elixir?  What were your thoughts?  


Thursday, 13 June 2013

Haul: The Prettiest Shoes

I recently picked up both these pairs of shoes. There is a story behind both of them. Firstly lets start with the Toms. I wasn't sold on Toms at the start as they reminded me of the plimsolls you were made wear at primary school and I felt they had a Peter Pan vibe to them. One by one all my college friends started wearing them and I noticed they looked quite cute paired with skinny jeans. When shopping with one of my friends she was buying a maroon pair so I decided to try on a pair for the fun. Well, it was like popping my feet into slippers. They are so comfy. I fell in love and had to purchase them. I am so happy I did! I have being living in them since I bought them. What are your thought are Toms? I think you either love them or hate them. 

Next to the prettiest shoes I have ever encountered. Last September my friend was sporting these and I thought these were the most adorable shoes ever. For some reason I always thought she had purchased them in Hollister as they looked expensive. Being the amazing friend that she is she came up to me the other day and said "Aveen you know my shoes that you love. They are back in H&M". With that said I bolted down the my nearest H&M and picked them up. They only cost €12.99 and they look so cute in the summer and match nearly everything. 

Unfortunately I couldn't find the link to these online for you but they are still in stores and they are available in black, white, navy and pink. I was tempted to pick up the navy pair but as I had gotten the Toms I couldn't justify them.


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Kiko Extra Volume Lipgloss

On my recent trip to Portugal I came across a Make-up store that had the look of a Mac and Inglot store but their make up was a fraction of the price. This amazing store is called Kiko Cosmetics. The store is a bit overwhelming when you first walk in as they have every colour under the sun in nail varnishes, eyeshadows and lipsticks. As I wasn't familiar with the brand I decided to do a bit of online to research before I splashed out. Well, low and behold nearly all the reviews I read were positive so I decided I had to pop back and pick up a few items. 

The first items I gravitated towards in the store were the lipgloss. I ended up picking up the Kiko Extra Volume Lipgloss in the colour baby pink for €6.90. This is actually one of their more pricy lip glosses but I had read reviews that said theses were well worth trying.

It is a beautiful lip gloss however it isn't very pigmented but I think that is due to my choice of colour rather than the product itself. The finish is lovely and soft and feels very moisturising. It has a very slightly tacky finish that I know some of you hate but it does ensure its staying power. 
Now to the extra volume claim, I feel its a load of rubbish. I think the only volume you get is from the glossy finish makes your lips appear healthy and plump. It doesn't have any tingly effect of the lips even tho it claims to have many active ingredients but I am ok with this as it is a gorgeous product. 

I think it is quite comparable to Mac's Cremesheen glass which I am a huge fan of. Kiko is far better value than Mac's cremesheen as Kiko offers you 6.5mls for €6.90 where as Mac only offers you 2.5ml for approx €19.00. Out of all the products I picked up (more reviews to come) this is one of my favourites and I do wish I had picked up more colours. 

Kiko have an online store but unfortunately they only ship to a few countries and Ireland is not one of them. Hopefully in the future they will. My english girlies are in luck as they do ship to the UK.  

Have you tried any Kiko products? What was your impressions of the brand? 


Sunday, 9 June 2013

Tag: Beauty Things I Suck At

I have seen this tag floating around recently and thought it would be a fun one to write. I have also enjoyed reading what other beauty blogger struggle at. I know that's incredibly mean of me but it is nice to know I am not the only one with some make-up nemeses. So without further ado here is five beauty things I most definitely suck at.

Applying Eyeliner
I adore applying make-up and even doing my friends make-up but when it comes to applying eyeliner I am bloody useless. I don't know, is it due to the fact that have never gotten enough practice with eyeliner as I never use it on myself. You see, I have massive eyes and wear glasses so I think eyeliner makes my eyes appear smaller and I find it with glasses it detracts from my eyeshadow. But when I do a friends make up I always feel eyeliner completes the look so this is a skill I would love to perfect.

Body Moisturer
I have mentioned it in many posts that I have skin like a lizard. It is as dry as the Sahara. You would think because I have this infliction I would be diligent at applying body cream every night, well no! I find it such a chore. I don't know why it takes less than 5 minutes to do but yet I still shy away from it every night.

Nail Painting
Oh I get so jealous when I see bloggers posting photos of nails painted to perfection! I can paint my toes perfect and they will last weeks but when it comes to painting finger nails I am hopeless. Firstly I have no patience so it is a miracle if manage to paint my nails and they are not smudged instantly. If that miracle has occurred give me one day and I will have chipped 4+ nails. I have come to the conclusion lately that maybe my nails are at fault rather than me. I think my nails are very brittle and flexible and this is why my nail polish constantly chips. This could also just be wishful thinking on my part and in actually fact my nail painting skills are atrocious.

Applying Eye Cream
I religiously remove my make-up every night and cleanse and moisturise in the morning but never ever think to apply eye cream. What is wrong with me? It is a simple step that would take less than a minute and probably benefit me in years to come. Also I am getting to the age where it is becoming essential to apply it, but yet I still neglect to do so.

I am extremely lucky to have super thick long hair. I could do endless things with it, but I don't! My long thick hair is a pain as, it always has to be blow dried straight and then I have to run the GHD through it for it to look anyway normal. Once I do this it will stay perfectly straight for 3 days so I tend not to mess with it. I really should curl it or even do a nice fishtail braid it in once in a while.


Friday, 7 June 2013

A Few Holiday Snaps

These are just a few photograph from my holidays. I was in Algarve in Portugal in May. The landscape as you can see is absolutely breathtaking. I thought it would be a sin not to share these beautiful pictures on my blog.


Wednesday, 5 June 2013

NOTD: Shellac Cake Pop

I am kind of cheating posting this as a NOTD. Firstly because I got it done when I was on holidays so it is not my own work and secondly, it is a Shellac gel manicure so it is not a true nail varnish. However, I thought I would share it with you incase you would like to see a swatch of Shellac Cake Pop. It is a really girly pastel pink colour which is definitely one of my favourite colours and to jazz it up a little I asked for some nail art so, the girl applied little pink diamonds and some white polka dots.  

What are your favourite Shellac colours? 


Monday, 3 June 2013

Holiday Haul

These are some of the items I picked up before going on holidays to Portugal. I thought I would share them with you girls incase you are going anywhere nice and wanted some inspiration. I didn't need many summery clothes as I bought a lot last year and with our Irish weather I didn't get a chance to wear many of them. The main item I wanted was a black maxi skirt. I searched high and low for one and eventually found this one in New Look. I think it was around €12.99. I am sorry I haven't listed the prices of anything. I can't remember them and I removed the tags whilst on holidays. But I know for a fact most of them are under €10.00. I have included the links where possible. 

Anyway, I bought the black crop top and the spiked arrow New Look necklace to pair with the black maxi skirt. The crop is so cosy and a lovely fit. I am tempted to go back and buy them in different colours. I also figured I could wear this outfit during the Irish summer as I could pop a cardigan over it when it is cold. I purchased the H&M tanks mainly to pair with the beige shorts. I had seen a photo of my friend wearing a pair of beige shorts and a neon tank and it looked amazing so I wanted to recreate her look. I also thought the khaki tank would look nice tucked into the black maxi and paired with a tan belt and tan flip flops. 

I have actually returned the coral dress photographed above. Now don't get me wrong I love it, but I didn't get a chance to wear it on holidays as we had two cold days and it cost €17.99 which I consider pricey for a sundress. I know I wont get the wear out of it so I thought it was sensible to return it and instead I picked some weather appropriate attire.

I fell in love with the Primark stripy shorts when I seen them in the store but, when I brought them home I wasn't sure as they are not very versatile. I feel you can only pair them with white. But I have a beautiful delicate white cutout tank top from the Kate Moss Topshop collection that I paired with them and I fell in love all over again.

Finally I popped into Boots and picked up some makeup that was definitely not needed but I wanted to try out a few new bits. I justified it by telling myself I need items to review on my blog. How many of you does this? Please don't tell me I am the only one.

Have you girls any summer holidays planned? I would love to know your summer plans.

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