Sunday, 23 June 2013

A Girl Can Dream

A Girl Can Dream

River Island Baggy Leggings
I see girls wearing these trousers all the time and they manage to look effortlessly cool and confident. I would love to try them out but I fear It will look like I am wearing pyjamas. This pair is from River Island. I picked a black pair to start with as I am definitely not confident enough to rock a patterned pair. I am going to pop into River Island and try these on before I take the plunge just to make sure they suit me.

I have gotten into nail art lately and wish to experiment a little more. I want to invest in dotting tools and some little diamonds. When I look up nail art on eBay I get overwhelmed as so many items come up and I don't know what to pick. I think I am going to go for dotting tools and little pink diamonds. 
I am a mascara snob! The only mascara I swear by is YSL Faux Cils. But unfortunately this currently does not fit into my non existent budget. I remember watching a Fleur De Force video ages ago and she mentioned that Collection 2000 Big Fake mascara was amazing but dried out super fast. I really want to try it and as it is inexpensive I don't mind that it dries out quickly. 
I have seen this featured on my many blogs lately and I am a sucker for a new product. I have read it is comparable to Soleil Tan De Chanel so I would like to compare them myself. The texture of the Bourjois looks much different to the Chanel. It would be lovely to find a dupe for Chanel.

Zara Navy Blue Blazer
I am starting a new job in September. This will be the first time I have worked in an office environment so I currently have zero office appropriate clothing. I am trawling through blogs looking for inspiration for nice office attire. I already have a Zara blazer and it is great quality and a lovely fit (OOTD featuring it) I would like to get the above blazer in black and navy. Blazers are a great way to dress up and outfit.

Topshop Soft Cream Cami 
I was watching Patricia Bright's You Tube video on work wear and seen her wearing the most beautiful blazer and cami. This is the cami from Topshop. It is absolutely beautiful on. It is a very versatile piece as it can be worn to work under a blazer or even on a night out with skinny jeans. Unfortunately I cant find the blazer she wore with it, it was also from Topshop but it appears to be sold out. 

I spotted this skirt on one of my favourite blogs Buy Now Blog Later. I adore Laura's style she always looks classy even when she is dressed down. Anyway she was sporting this absolutely gorgeous maxi skirt and it was an instant want for me.

Real Techniques Blush Brush
I own the Real Techniques Core Collection and adore them. I would love to try out more of the range although currently I cant justify them as I have loads of brushes. 

Marc By Marc Jacobs Wallet
I want/need a new purse. I currently have a Juicy Couture purse (You can see it here in What's in my Purse) It is starting to look worse for wear. I haven't decided exactly what new purse I would like but I want it to be black or tan and an envelope style. I also like to spend a little bit of money and invest in a good purse but not crazy money such as Mulberry prices. Mind you if I did have the dosh I would definitely splurge on Mulberry or a Tory Burch purse.

River Island Coral Sheer Layered Necklace Dress
I was in River Island the other day and this dress caught my eye. It looked absolutely gorgeous on the hanger. I didn't get a chance to try it on as I was in a rush but I think I will go back in. I am on the look out for a graduation dress as I am graduating in December. I am not sure whether to opt for a black dress or go with some colour. Unfortunately I think dress is too summery for December. What do you think? Black dress or a colourful one?

Zara Mini Shopper 
I will admit I am a sheep when it comes to fashion. I see other bloggers wearing it and I instantly want it! I have seen this Zara bag featured on so many blogs that now I feel I need it to be part of the group. The funny thing is, if I seen this bag in the shop I would not look twice at it as I think the colour is quite garish but after seeing it featured in many OOTD's it can totally finish an outfit.

Diorshow Maximiser Mascara
I adore this stuff. Review here. I have just finished my last tube. I want to repurchase it so much but it so expensive! This enables me to create the effect of YSL faux Cils using a cheaper mascara such as Maybelline Colossal Mascara. It also has last ages so I would definitely be tempted to repurchase this over a high end mascara as it will go the distance, I find YSL Faux Cils dries up very fast.

What are you girls currently lusting after? Let me know in the comments.



  1. I adore Zara! Their bags just make me want to squeal. I adore the bucket bag, but this shopper one is so gorgeous too! I also love their blazers. I'm terrified to try baggy trousers too, they look so nice with gladiator sandals but I doubt I could pull them off! :( x

    1. Aww Thank you for such a lovely comment it made me smile! We like all the same stuff! I am the exact same with the baggy trousers, I have a feeling I will look daft in them! xxx

  2. For graduation, definitely colour for your dress!!


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