Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Empties Post: Vol 3

This month I appear to have only skincare empties. This worries me as that means more than likely I will run out of loads of my make up items all at once. I already know I have a blush which should really be featured here as it is looking pretty shook but it is my absolute favourite and has since been discontinued so I will continue to scrape pan for the next month. These are some of the products I have finished in the last few months.

Dove Supreme Body Silk
My Mum bought me this body cream to try out recently. I enjoyed using it much more than I thought I would. It smells lovely and has a luxurious feel about it which is very good considering it is pretty inexpensive. I also find it leaves my skin lovely and moisturised. A lot of body lotions don't do this for me as the next day when I wake up my skin will look dehydrated. But this one left my skin looking and feeling nourished right throughout the next day.

Dove Deodorant Original
This is my go to deodorant. I just love the smell of it and I find it does the job it is intended for. My only grip about this product is that sometimes it can be very pricy e.g. €5.00 for the bottle. This puts me off buying it as I can purchase it in Northern Ireland for £2.00. So I only tend to purchase this when it is on an offer.

Inglot Lip Defence 02
I am so tempted to go back and repurchase this lip-balm. The only thing preventing me is that I have an abundance of lip-balms I need to finish first. This is heavenly product. It looks pink in the tube but there is only very slight pigmentation to it. I used this all winter. It soothes chapped lips and is the perfect on the go lip product when you are in a rush and not sure what to wear. It leaves your lips looking healthy and kissable. I couldn't find these on the Inglot website but they are always beside the tills and only cost approximately €5.00

Soap & Glory Righteous Butter
I am a fan of the entire Soap & Glory range, but I have two firm favourites The Righteous Butter and The Daily Smooth body lotion. The Righteous Butter is gorgeous. I adore the smell and it does a fantastic job moisturising my skin. I love the fact the smell lingers on your skin for ages afterwards. I think this is the second time I have repurchased this and I will buy it again in the future.

Nivea Pearl Beauty
I shouldn't really include this product as I just bought it because it was on an offer when my Dove one wasn't. It did the job and smells nice. I would repurchase this if the same circumstances arose again but I rather the smell of the Dove deodorant.

La Roche-Posay
Yet again this is featured in my empties! Review here. I love it and unfortunately I use it like water. I am already on my third bottle. Whilst on holidays I picked up the BioDerma and I have to admit it does not come close to this. I think this may be due to the fact I have very dry skin and I feel the La Roche Posay leaves a nice residue on my skin whereas the BioDerma I find quite drying.

Dove Pro Age Shower Gel
Oh I hadn't noticed I was such a fan of Dove until this post! My third product! I usually never stick to one brand. Anyway I picked this up on a trip to the supermarket more than likely as it was on offer. I actually really like it. It is moisturising and a little goes a long way.



  1. I have that S&G body lotion but haven't used it yet, must get stuck in!

    1. What are you waiting for? x Let me know if you like it. xxx

  2. I love Soap and Glory so much and I actually passed on that lotion a few days ago... After reading that, I might have to go back and get it lol

    1. Ohh do! Trust me it is gorgeous xxx Thank you for your comment xxx

  3. Aloha hun! I just found your blog through the hop and I'm your happy new follower via bloglovin and gfc. Hope you'll stop by some time and return the love!
    Coco et La vie en rose
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    1. Aww Thank you sweetheart xxx Will def check your blog out xxx


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