Saturday, 29 June 2013

NOTD: Kiko & Barry M

I thought I would do a quick NOTD as these posts prove very popular on my blog. I also find it handy looking at swatches if I happen to be buying a nail varnish online as I find sometimes the website swatches are lacking and this gives me the opportunity to rave a bit more about the brand Kiko. I did a blog post recently on their lipgloss which I love. While I was in the store I picked up four nail varnishes each costing €2.50. They are currently on offer but usually they are only €3.90 which is a bargain considering the quality.

As mentioned in my previous post I visited the Kiko store when I was in Portugal. I go on holidays to Portugal every year and when I am there I always get a pedicure. They are much cheaper in comparison to what you would pay at home e.g €20.00 vs €40.00. The girl who does my pedicure is absolutely amazing. She does a fantastic job and always uses Kiko polishes. Every time she paints my toes it lasts weeks so I decided I must invest in some of these polishes.

The polish featured in the above picture is Kiko 283 Dark Coral Pink and on my ring finger I have Barry M 293 Grey. I love the contrast between pink and grey. When I paint my nails in this combination again I think will do some nail art on the grey nail. I am also rocking the Kiko Dark Coral Pink on my toe nails. It makes your feet appear lovely and tanned. Kiko did not disappoint and it had similar lasting power on my finger nails as it does on my toes. It was also very easy to apply and only took two coats.

Have you tried any Kiko nail varnishes? What are your favourite colours?



  1. These make such a lovely combination :) x

  2. i havent tried ay kiko products at all but i love these two together. I really want to try the kiko, it sounds so good and i love any nail polish that lasts a while.x

  3. Cute nails! Found your blog on the Aloha Blog hop :)

  4. Adore this color combo! Stopping by from the Aloha Blog Hop :) Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!

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