Sunday, 9 June 2013

Tag: Beauty Things I Suck At

I have seen this tag floating around recently and thought it would be a fun one to write. I have also enjoyed reading what other beauty blogger struggle at. I know that's incredibly mean of me but it is nice to know I am not the only one with some make-up nemeses. So without further ado here is five beauty things I most definitely suck at.

Applying Eyeliner
I adore applying make-up and even doing my friends make-up but when it comes to applying eyeliner I am bloody useless. I don't know, is it due to the fact that have never gotten enough practice with eyeliner as I never use it on myself. You see, I have massive eyes and wear glasses so I think eyeliner makes my eyes appear smaller and I find it with glasses it detracts from my eyeshadow. But when I do a friends make up I always feel eyeliner completes the look so this is a skill I would love to perfect.

Body Moisturer
I have mentioned it in many posts that I have skin like a lizard. It is as dry as the Sahara. You would think because I have this infliction I would be diligent at applying body cream every night, well no! I find it such a chore. I don't know why it takes less than 5 minutes to do but yet I still shy away from it every night.

Nail Painting
Oh I get so jealous when I see bloggers posting photos of nails painted to perfection! I can paint my toes perfect and they will last weeks but when it comes to painting finger nails I am hopeless. Firstly I have no patience so it is a miracle if manage to paint my nails and they are not smudged instantly. If that miracle has occurred give me one day and I will have chipped 4+ nails. I have come to the conclusion lately that maybe my nails are at fault rather than me. I think my nails are very brittle and flexible and this is why my nail polish constantly chips. This could also just be wishful thinking on my part and in actually fact my nail painting skills are atrocious.

Applying Eye Cream
I religiously remove my make-up every night and cleanse and moisturise in the morning but never ever think to apply eye cream. What is wrong with me? It is a simple step that would take less than a minute and probably benefit me in years to come. Also I am getting to the age where it is becoming essential to apply it, but yet I still neglect to do so.

I am extremely lucky to have super thick long hair. I could do endless things with it, but I don't! My long thick hair is a pain as, it always has to be blow dried straight and then I have to run the GHD through it for it to look anyway normal. Once I do this it will stay perfectly straight for 3 days so I tend not to mess with it. I really should curl it or even do a nice fishtail braid it in once in a while.



  1. I never do anything with my hair either, it's long thick and curly. It's not a good combo! x

  2. I'm pretty awful with most of these things too! I have to use a cotton bud soaked in nail polish remover around the edges because I'm so messy and as for moisturising my body every day - forget it! xx

  3. I never apply moisturizer or eye cream either... BAD! Haha :)

  4. I agree with you on so many things lol! I'm the worst at applying moisturizer and eye cream!
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