Thursday, 25 July 2013

Empties Post: Vol 4

Remember I did a huge clear out on my room when I was redecorating? Well, I found so many products nearly finished so I made it my mission this month to finish everything that was nearly empty. I actually have around 20 empties altogether with more to come, shameful I know! I decided to separate them into two posts to prevent this becoming long winded. I have banned myself buying anymore products until all my half empty products are used up.

Nivea Face Wipes
I use these for emergencies only i.e. when I am too lazy to cleanse my face at night time. Instead of going to bed with a full face of make up. I figure it is better than nothing. I don't rely on them so much anymore because if I am that lazy I can just use my La Roche Posay Solution Micelaire on a cotton pad and wipe off my make up. I don't like using these on a regular basis as I find them quite drying but they are at times an essential and I always have a pack around just in case. Recently I had no cotton wool so had to whip one of these out.

Alberto Balsam Green Apple Shampoo
I am a huge advocate of you get what you pay for when it comes to shampoo and conditioner. I swear by Kerastase and I feel it makes a massive difference to my unruly hair. The only problem I have, is when I wash my hair twice with the Kerastase Bain Satin 2 shampoo I feel it gets greasy much faster. In order to combat this I use Alberto Balsam Green Apple shampoo for greasy hair just for my first wash and I use my Kerastase for my second shampoo.

Lush Eau Roma Water
This used to be a firm favourite of mine but since I discovered La Roche Posay Solution Micelaire I haven't reached for this. I would repurchase this in the future just at the moment I am trying out some other products.

Boots Botanics Eye Make Up Remover
I rarely use eye make up remover as I generally remove it with whatever cleanser I am using up. I found this one nice and it didn't irate my eyes unlike the Johnson's one I am currently using. It is making my eyes watery. I wouldn't repurchase this but it is solely because I don't tend to use eye make up remover during my cleansing routine.

Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum
This is a holy grail item for me! Review here. Thankfully I was gifted a new tube of this for my birthday last week. I love expensive mascara such as YLS Faux Cils but as they only last approx 3 months so it can work out pretty pricey. I find this Dior mascara primer lasts way longer than 3 months and when applied with a drugstore mascara it gives you the same effects as Faux Cils.

Bio Oil
Thankfully I don't have any stretch marks so I cant report on how effective Bio Oil is for treating them but when my skin is super dry and flakey I use Bio Oil under my moisturiser and it really helps treat the dryness.

Hawaiian Topic Tan Enhancer
I bought this on holidays about two years ago to enhance my tan and whilst doing my clear out I decided it was time to use it up. It smells lovely and feels nourishing but it does take a while to sink in and I don't think it did much to enhance my tan.

Mac Creamsheen Glass in Boy Bait
I have a few of these on there last legs and I am sad to see them finished as I love them. They leave your lips lovely and shiny and looking plump and most importantly they have no sticky residue.

Sally Hansen Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover
I bought this when I had gel nails on so I could paint them. It does the job but I do find the acetone one much better.

La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water
This is crap. I don't mean to be rude but I think I was duped into buying tap water in a spray bottle. I just do not see the purpose of this product other than to cool you down on a hot day. I definitely wont be repurchasing this.

Decleor Aromessence Contour
I got this years ago when I worked with Decleor it is used in conjunction with a gel and it is meant to help minimise cellulite. I never found any difference whilst using it. However, it is lovely and moisturising but I do find it a chore having to apply two products instead of just one.


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  1. Great Post! I use the Alberto Balsam but in tea tree because I love the smell!
    Hannah :) x


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