Monday, 26 August 2013

FOTD: Work Makeup

Today was my first day back working in my part time job since completing my masters. I thought I would show the typical make-up I tend to wear to work.  

To begin with I applied Rimmel Match Perfection in 201 Classic Beige. I have had this foundation for a while now and originally I hated it but since changing my skincare routine I have a new found love for it. This shade is slightly too dark for me but I just apply Benefit Hoola bronzer down my neck to ensure I don't have the dreaded foundation line. I also applied Nars concealer in the shade pear to brighten under my eyes. 

I was embarrassed to include my Mac creme blush in this photo as it is looking extremely rough, but this is my favourite blush and I reach for it most days. It is in the shade Lilicent and unfortunately it has been discontinued. After I applied my blush, I popped a tiny bit of Jemma's Kidd All Over Radiance Creme on my cheekbones. Can you tell I am a massive fan of creme products? 

On my eyes I used the MUA pallet "Undressed". I applied Shade 5 using my Mac 222 brush and simply applied this to my crease and blend it out. I love the simplicity of this eye look, it gives my eyes depth but it is a very natural look. As my eye look is fairly basic I emphasised my lashes. I applied my Dior Maximiser primer and followed with 17's Va Va Voom mascara. I also lined my waterline and tight-line with Mac's eye kohl in the colour Feline. This has the effect of making my eye colour appear more prominent.

Finally I applied Rimmel Eyebrow pencil in 001 Dark brown through my brows and Kiko lipgloss in Light Pink to my lips to finish the look.

What are your everyday makeup essentials? 


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Birthday Goodies

It was my birthday last month and as I was so busy I never got the chance to write a post on my lovely gifts. Even thought it is super later I thought I would still publish this post as these are one of my favourites to read. I love seeing what people received for their birthday.

My main present was a Modalu London Pippa bag. I have lusted after this for so long. So, I am delighted with it. I am looking forward to using it when I start my new job in November. Next, with some money I received, I purchased this beautiful Micheal Kors wallet that I was lucky enough to find in the sale section. My old Juicy Couture wallet was looking the worst for wear so a new wallet was on the top of my wish list. I wasn't sure what colour to go for as I felt navy would not match the majority of my handbags but I adore the nautical pattern on the inside of this purse so decided to just go for it. With the money I have left over I intend to buy a pair of the Return to Tiffany Mini Heart earrings

Or course being a beauty addict my birthday would not be complete without receiving some beauty products. When my mum asked what I would like for my birthday I did request my favourite Dior mascara primer and she was kind enough to get it for me. My friend actually bought me the Chanel mascara primer so now I have two mascara primers. I can't wait to try it and compare it with the Dior version. Next up I received some skincare items that I will admit I may have hinted at. I have been using the Hydraluron and Clarins Gentle Exfoliant for approximately 3 weeks and my skin has never been better. 

I was also lucky enough to receive a voucher for a hot stone massage. I am throughly looking forward a massage but I am going to wait until I get my results from college so I can totally relax. My brother was kind enough to give me a voucher to get my nails done. Finally I got a beautiful necklace from Oasis which will be perfect with some of my work outfits and I got a cute Primark make up bag. 

What is the best birthday present you have received? 


Monday, 19 August 2013

The Famous Hydraluron

Recently I came across Caroline's Hirons blog. Oh my god how have I only found her now? Her blog is amazing for skin care advice. I seen her rave about Hydraluron and was intrigued as I have very dry skin. This lead me to read many more reviews on this product of which the majority were positive so I decided to take the plunge and purchase Hydraluron. Well, I was not disappointed.

Firstly, let me explain what Hydraluron claims to do. "It increases skin hydration from below the surface with an ultra high quality hyaluronic acid that holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water". This in turn increases the skins ability retain moisture over time.

It is a clear gel that you simply apply on before your moisturiser twice a day. I have been using it for approximately 4 weeks and found a noticeable difference in my skin. I no longer have those pesky dry patches that appear on my nose and cheeks that are magnified when I apply foundation. It is a joy to apply my foundation in the morning as it just glides on. When I first starting using it I felt confident enough to go out without wearing any foundation. That is a huge feat for me and a testament to how wonderful this product is. I now refer to it as my magic cream. Unfortunately my skin is acting up at the moment and I have a few spots so currently do not feel comfortable not wearing foundation but this is purely down to hormones and stress. I highly recommend Hydraluron and I see myself repurchasing it time and time again.

The only negative with this product for me is the price. It costs €32.50 for this tiny tube. When I was in Boots the other day I noticed it was on a deal and is only €21.66. Link So if you have been wanting to try it but have been put off by the price now would be a good time to test it out.

I have to admit I am not the greatest at taking care of my skin and a statement Caroline said really rang through and gave me a kick up the backside. She said, "If you were told you have to wear the exact same dress for the rest of your life. How well would you take care of it" Well your skin is the equivalent to this so you should treat it as you would treat said dress. I have bought a few products she has recommended and am so pleased with the results. I will post a skin care routine soon.

Have any of you tried Hydraluron? What did you think?


Monday, 5 August 2013

Sneaky Haul

The other day I went on an adventure to Northern Ireland. I love heading up North as they have a Superdrug that has a great selection of make up. There isn't a Superdrug where I live and even my local Boots has a very poor make up display so it is a novelty to roam around the drug stores up North.

I picked up most of the items from Superdrug apart from the three Natural Collection products, I purchased them in Boots. They are currently on a deal buy any 3 products for £5. I have never tried any Natural Collection products before so thought I might as well as it was such a good deal. The boots are from New look and they cost £20.00. They honestly fit like gloves, it is equivalent to putting your feet into slippers. I hope this feeling lasts as I plan to wear these to work.

Sorry this post is so short. I am currently studying for the final exams in my Masters so all my time is taken up with study. But in 11 days I will be free and have loads of reviews and posts planned. Thank you for your patiences.

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