Monday, 30 September 2013

My Life Through A Lense

I thought I would make a little collage of what I have been up to lately. Some of these pictures have already featured on my blog and some are new. I love doing these posts as when I look back on them they bring back good memories. I plan to do the Fat Mum Slim photo a day challenge for the month of October. I am forever attempting these challenges and never end up finishing them. Hopefully this month will be different. Are any of you girls planning on doing it? I am hoping to do a post like this once a month on my blog so please let me know if you like these posts.

I went out for a walk on the beach this week with one of my good friend. My mum suggested we go to the local beach as the sunsets lately have been spectacular. Well she wasn't wrong. As you can see from the 6th picture. It was stunning. On the same evening I took the first picture in the collage of my dog Coco covered in sand. She spent the entire time chasing stones on the beach.

The other day when I was in town running some errands and trying my hardest not to spend any money. I passed River Island and I noticed they had 20% off student promotion on. Well it would have been daft not to have a peak in. I ended up purchasing these cute tan boots.

Since finishing college I have a lot more free time so I have been catching up on movies.I recently watched Mud which I thought was OK. But before that I watched Olympus has fallen which I thoroughly enjoyed. Next on my list to watch is Silver Linings Playbook.

Recently I was featured in our national newspaper. It was just a small story highlighting my journey from my undergrad degree to my masters. It was a fun experience and I was honoured to be chosen.

Yet again my pup features. She is just so photogenic. I brought her out to the local woods for a walk and I wanted to get a picture that depicted Autumn for my most recent Autumn tag. Finally with my spare time I have been doing some baking. I made apple turnovers using a Laura Vitale recipe. They were a success so much so my Dad requested I make more during the week.

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