Monday, 9 September 2013

Seeing Is Believing

I was an extremely lucky lady recently as, Specsavers contacted me and asked would I like the opportunity to choose a new pair of glasses and in turn feature them on my blog. I jumped at the chance as Specsavers is always my port of call when I need to get my eyes tested and purchase new glasses.

First, let me give you a bit of background on my eyes in order to give you some insight into my glasses situation, excuse the pun. I have needed glasses since the tender age of 12 and every year since then my eyesight has deteriorated so now my eyesight is a whopping -9.25 in both eyes. For those of you not familiar with this terminology it means I am pretty much blind without my glasses. For example if I fall asleep with my glasses beside me and they manage to fall on the ground during the night. I have to call for back up to retrieve them. I am always whinging about how bad my eyesight is but I realise I am blessed that I can just pop on my glasses and have perfect vision.

Specsavers provides an incredible service from using state of the art equipment to test your eyes to having fantastic staff who are there to assist you in picking out your frames. I always rely on the staff's help as they are trained to know what style glasses suit your face shape. I have never being disappointed with a pair I have chosen from Specsavers and I think I could possible be on my 10th pair. On my last visit I had a lovely girl called Rachel assisting me and she even offered to take pictures of me on my phone wearing different styles of glasses. I struggle to see myself in the mirror when trying on new glasses without my prescription. Yes, I am that bad! So I really appreciated Rachel's help. I will be wearing these frames everyday for a year so I want to make sure I love them. People always question why I choose glasses rather than contact lenses. I have contact lenses and wear them on occasion for sports but I feel because I have worn glasses for years they are apart of my style and I would feel self conscious without them.

I choose a Specsavers own brand pair in the style "Dion" as I want to opt for the trendy darker frame look. I love the large nerd glasses you can buy but I don't think they are practical when I wear my glasses 24/7. It was a toss up between this pair and Armani pair both were pretty similar but I loved the little diamonds on the top of these glasses and as I am pretty small in stature most people will notice them on my glasses. I have never owned a plastic frame before and I feel like I have been missing out. They are so light and comfortable. These frames only cost €129 which is a bargain. Unfortunately as my eyesight is so bad my lenses end up on the pricey side. They need to be thinned down so it doesn't look like I am sporting coke bottles as lenses. I have to give Specsavers massive credit on reducing their prices as my lenses now only cost €130 in previous years I have had to fork out €270 alone for the lenses which works out fairly pricey when you need new lenses annually.

I have had these frames for about a month now and love them. I find with plastic frame it is much easier to remove make up from them and I forget I am wearing them as they are so comfortable. I think this style of frame will suit all my new office clothing. You can see in all my most recent blog pictures that I am sporting these frames and they suit all my OOTD's.

Do you have glasses? What is your favourite style of frames?


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