Monday, 16 September 2013

Updated: What's In My Bag

It has been over a year since I wrote a What's in my bag post so I thought, no time like the present to write an updated version. The main thing that has changed is the handbag itself. I received this navy Longchamps bag for Christmas and I have been using it nearly everyday since. This is very unusual for me as I regularly swap my handbags depending on what I am wearing. The Longchamps bags are fantastic as they are huge and you can carry around half the house with you. It has being my saviour throughout my college year as I had an abundance of folders and books to cart around. 

Anyway, onto the contents, we have the usual suspects, phone, car keys, deodorant and headphones. When I was in college I always had my iPad in my bag as I would use it regularly for my college work. Now that I am finished college I either tote around my iPad or my kindle so I have something to read incase I get held up somewhere. I am an avid list maker. I find it much easier to organise myself when I write everything down so for that reason you will always find a notebook and a biro in my bag. The current pink dragonfly notebook I am using is from WHSmith. 

My wallet is from Michael Kors. I received it for my birthday this year and I love it. You know sometimes with wallets you actually have to put them to the test to see whether they are suitable or not. I have purchased purses in the past and my cards don't fit in snugly or they won't close when you have more than €4 coin in them. Well, this one is perfect, there is loads of room for all your cards and two slots for notes and even a separate coin purse that you can slide out if you don't want to take the entire wallet with you. 

I also carry two little make up bags. The cream one with the bow is from Primark and I use it to carry my make up. I usually pop the make up I have applied that morning into it and then I can touch up during the day. The next make up bag is a little SOS bag. I rarely leave the house without this bag. It contains, painkillers, girly essentials, a mini toothbrush/toothpaste, mascara, hair ties and deodorant. I can do a separate post on this to show you everything if you would like to create your own. 

Finally I just have some bits and bobs such as a USB key and two lips glosses, usually there is more than two floating around. 

Are you a fan of large handbags or do you like to stick to small bags to prevent you carrying around so much unnecessary stuff? 


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