Thursday, 31 October 2013

Empties: Vol 6

Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Body Gel Oil
I have a love/hate relationship with this Vaseline body oil. It is amazing stuff in so far as it does wonders for my skin and I love the smell of it but the downside is that it is so messy! It takes ages to absorb into the skin and gets all over your clothes and bed clothes. For this reason I will not repurchase it as every time I apply it I am super conscious I am going to ruin some item of clothing. 

Dove Original Deodorant
This product features regularly in my empties. It is my favourite deodorant and as previously mentioned I always purchase it when I see it on offer. 

Original Source Mint and Tea Tree Shower Gel
I decided to purchase this after I used it when I was staying in a friends house. I love the fresh tingly feeling it leaves on your skin. The only negative aspect of this product for me is the fact I usually shower at night time so I enjoy a nice relaxing scent before bed. I am going to see if this brand has other fragrances such as lavender. This is a real love it or hate it product because my mum used it and absolutely hated it.

Revlon Equave 2 Phase Leave in Conditioner
I bought this ages ago from my hairdressers. I used it religiously to begin with but like most things my usage of it dwindled after a while. Lately I have been making an effort to finish products that I have had lying around for ages this has been one of said products. I also am trying to take better care of my hair so it has encouraged me to use leave in conditioners and heat protectant. I honestly have no idea if this has had any effect on my hair. I am lucky enough not to suffer with knots in my hair after washing it but I think it would work well as a detangler.

Chanel Coco Rouge Shine - Boy
Featuring this lipstick in an empties post is slightly heartbreaking.  I have literally loved it to death! It is my favourite lipstick ever. When I have some extra cash this is the first item I will repurchase.  

Chanel Le Crayon Khol Intense Eye Pencil Black
I am embarrassed to tell you how long I have had this eye pencil. I use it daily in my water line and it has lasted forever! It is super black and is very long lasting on the water line. I think I will manage one more use out of it but it is truly fit for the bin.

What products have you been using up lately?


Monday, 28 October 2013

NOTD: Maybelline Forever Strong Ceramic Blue

I think these Maybelline Forever Strong Nail Varnishes are my all time favourite nail polishes. I have four colours from this collection and love every one of them. The formula is fantastic and it is a dream to apply. I think this is due to the brush. It is a lovely square brush that makes application very easy even for messers like myself. The polish is also long lasting. I am very rough on my nails and my nail varnish tends to chip almost instantly but this lasts for a solid three days on my nails. I am hoping to pick up some nail art tools on eBay soon as I would have loved to paint little white anchor on one nail in order to add a little extra to this NOTD. 

What is your favourite nail polish brand?


Thursday, 17 October 2013

Let's Go To The Beach Each Let's Go Get A Wave

This week I decided I would love to take OOTD's pictures at my local beach as you can see from the above sunset picture the scenery is spectacular. Well, all didn't go according to plan. I had grand illusions of OOTD pictures with the sunset in the background but I never actually thought about the logistics of this setting. Basically it didn't work all my pictures were silhouetted and you couldn't see my outfit at all. Kind of defeats the purpose of OOTD pictures. I ended up having to take my pictures on the not so spectacular walkway. Ah you live and learn. 

Next on to my outfit, I have to be honest I am not mad about this OOTD. I was pretty restricted in what to wear as I was going to the beach. For example I had to dress super warm as it was freezing and it also meant heels were a no go. I would have much rather this dress paired with heeled black booties. I also struggled to pair a cardigan with this dress. What colour/style would you go for? You can't see it in this pictures as it was way too chilly for me to remove my jacket but I am wearing black cardigan but I dislike the style of it with the dress I feel it overtakes the dress. 

What are you wearing this autumn? Personally I feel I am stuck in a clothes rut! 


Monday, 14 October 2013

What's On My Face

I have been shopping my stash recently and have come across some products that I love but had totally forgotten about. This look is my normal day to day makeup. I just used some of my forgotten products instead of my regulars. These products were my foundation, blush, eyeshadow and lipstick.

First I applied my Boujois bronzing primer. I need to apply this under my Max Factor Miracle Touch foundation as the foundation applied alone can make me look drained and ashy. I applied the foundation with my Real Technique expert face brush. I adore this brush for applying any foundation as it gives a beautiful flawless finish. Unfortunately today I had a spot on my chin so I had to whip out my trusty Collection 2000 concealer.

I popped Mac Blush in Sunbasque on my cheeks and some of the Bourjois bronzing primer as a contour. I don't particularly like using the Bourjois primer as a contour as it has a slight orange tinge. Using my Mac 182 dusted Benefit's Hoola bronzer down my neck and chest to give me a nice glow.

On my eyes I opted for a simple look. I applied Mac Bronze in the crease, Mac Eye Kohl in the colour Feline in the water line and popped on my usual Dior mascara primer and 17 mascara on my lashes. On my eyebrows I used Rimmel eyebrow pencil in 001 dark brown to fill in any gaps and I used the brush on the product to run through my brows.

Finally on my lips I applied Mac's Patisserie. This is one of the products I have recently rediscovered. It is a really subtle lip colour. I love the formula and glossy finish it leaves. I don't know why I had forgotten about it as you can see in the above picture it was a firm favourite for a long time.

Have you rediscovered any of your older products?


Thursday, 10 October 2013

NOTD: Barry M Lychee

I bought this Barry M shade when there was loads of hype surrounding it but I only wore it once as I didn't feel it suited my skin tone. I pulled it out yesterday and decided to pair it with another colour in order to liven it up. I choose this Gosh loose gold glitter. I love this combination and will definitely wear it again. However, instead of using the Gosh glitter I would opt for a normal gold glitter polish. The Gosh glitter is extremely messy and ends up everywhere. You can see in the above picture I have managed to get it on all my nails. It is also very difficult to apply an even coat of glitter on the nail as its gets very clumpy.

What nail colours have you been reaching for lately?


Monday, 7 October 2013

I Need To Learn Self Restraint

I don't know what is wrong with me lately. I can not go into town without purchasing something! My new tacit is to avoid town at all costs until I save some money. Anyway above are my most recent indiscretions. I seen this beautiful bag in TK Maxx and was debating whether to buy it because realistically I do not need another handbag. I decided to have a think about it whilst I wandered around town. When I came back I couldn't see the bag anywhere and I was heartbroken. Thankfully someone had just moved it. Of course this meant I had to buy the bag immediately. 

Next up are these cute River Island boots. When I was walking past River Island I noticed they had a poster stating they were currently offering 20% student discount. This prompted me to have a look inside. They have some absolutely beautiful clothes at the moment. I fell in love with these boots and another positive about them is that they are so comfortable. Now, this is where I need your help. As much as I adore these boots I am totally struggling deciding what to actually wear them with. Everything I pair them with doesn't look quiet right. I don't know is it just that they don't suit me or am I styling them wrong. What would you pair these boot with?

My mum was in Primark the other day and commented that they had some beautiful work clothes so I decided to pop in and have a look. They have some gorgeous pieces. I picked up this fuchsia skater dress and this white blazer. Both pieces are a beautiful fit. I bought them both with work in mind but I am considering wearing the skater dress to my graduation and the white blazer looks fabulous paired with black skinny jeans.


Saturday, 5 October 2013

September Favourites

Real Techniques Blush Brush
Funnily enough I've never had a dedicated blush brush in my collection until I purchased this beauty. I always used my Mac 109 or an angled contour brush to apply my blush. Well I have been missing out. This brush is amazing. With one gentle sweep it leaves the right amount of product on your cheeks. Real Technique brushes have definitely been my most recent addiction.

Mac Shimmer Blush Sunbasque
Recently I have finished my all time favourite blush "Mac creme blush in the shade lillicent". Unfortunately it has since being discontinued. As a result of this I have been searching high and low for a dupe and also reaching for my other peach blushes in my collection. This month I have been reaching for this Mac blush in the colour Sunbasque. I bought it a couple of years ago from a holiday collection and never used it that much. I honestly don't know why as it leaves you with a beautiful natural healthy glow. On a side note the highlighter in this palette is rubbish.

Max Factor Miracle Touch
I don't know what possessed me recently to reach for this foundation in my collection as I usually gravitate towards liquid foundations. When I started using it again I completely forgot how much I love it. It is a compact foundation that applies like a liquid. This is fantastic on my dry skin. I love having a compact foundation as it is so much easier to touch up during the day.

Kiko Lipgloss
I have been going a little heavier on my eyeshadow than normal, opting for brown smokey eyes so I have been wearing a light lip as the attention is on my eyes. This is one of my all time favourite glosses. I have a review on this gloss here.

Kiko & Barry M Nail Varnishes
I have been enjoying painting my nails dark colours again for the Autumn. I have to admit I am slightly sick of the neons and baby pinks. I am loving this pink and grey combo at the moment. I paint all my nails using the grey and have a leopard print design on one nail using the pink. Having said all that I am still sporting the pink alone on my toes.

John Frieda Full Repair 
Recently I took the plunge and went to get my hair chopped. I really did not want to cut it as I loved the length but I had what my hairdresser calls "fake length" because my ends were all damaged and split. It did not look pretty. I ended up having to sacrifice 5inches! This was mainly caused because it had been 9 months since I last cut my hair. I really miss my length, now don't get me wrong my hair is still super long most people would not even realise I have gotten it cut but I am finding it is not sitting the way I like it. For the month of September I have made a conscious effort to take better care of my hair. This is why the heat protectant features. To be honest I am not sure how effective it is yet but it doesn't leave any nasty residue and I love the smell of it.

Inglot Eye Shadows Shade Pearl 402 and Pearl 423
I love Inglot eye shadows. I find them very comparable to Mac. They are also very good value. I tend to buy my friends the freedom palette on their birthdays or for different occasions as you get three amazing eye shadows for approx 24. I have been loving these two shades recently. They are darker colours than I normally wear but the deep purple looks fantastic on green eyes. It really makes them stand out. I apply the lighter shade Pearl 402 all over my eyes and apply the deep shade Pearl 423 to my crease.

Bourjois Bronzing Primer
I love using this with my Miracle touch foundation as the foundation is slightly too pale for my skin tone. In order to combat this I apply this bronzing primer as a base underneath the foundation. It leaves me with a lovely healthy glow. I have a detailed review on it here. 

What are your September stand out products? 


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

My Essential Makeup Brushes

A couple of times during various Blogger twitter chats I have been asked about my favourite brushes. I decided to compile a list of my everyday essentials. Unfortunately the majority of my most reached for brushes are Mac. I am aware these are very expensive so the alternative I would suggest is Sigma. I own the Sigma Essential Kit and to be honest I don't find much difference between them and my Mac brushes. I have had them both years and they both stand up to the test of time.
I am by no means a brush snob. I don't care what the brand is as long as the quality is good. My favourite brushes at the moment have to be the Real Techniques brushes. The quality is amazing and they are very affordable. I am going to go through my collection from left to right.

Mac 150 Large Powder Brush
I use this brush for applying setting powder all over my face and also for applying bronzer down my neck to ensure I have no foundation lines. This is the only brush that I rather my Mac one to my Sigma brush. As I find the Sigma equivalent is slight scratchy. 

Mac 168 Large Angled  Contour Brush
I love this brush for applying my contour. It is the perfect shape for applying contour to the hollows of your cheeks. I also use it for applying my cream blushes. It works very well with all my cream products. The only aspect I dislike about this brush is the fact it discolours over time. No matter how much I wash this brush I can not remove the yellow tinge.

Mac 109 Small Contour Brush
Since taking this picture I have purchase a new brush that has replaced my 109. I bought the Real Techniques Blush Brush. It is fantastic and much better than the 109. For years I have used the 109 to apply my blush. I find that out of all my Mac brushes this one is the only one that sheds constantly. It is also the only Mac brush from the above collection I would not recommend.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
I have only recently purchased this brush but it has fast become a staple in my make up routine. I use this to apply my foundation whether it be a compact or a liquid foundation. It is perfect. Before purchasing this brush I was using the Real Techniques Buffing brush to apply my foundation. I like them both but rather the dense consistency of the expert face brush.

Mac 222 Blending Brush 
I think they have since discontinued this brush. I swap between this and my 217. I rather the 217 but when it needs a wash this does the trick. 

Mac 217 Blending Brush 
I use this brush for applying my crease colour. I love this brush as it applies the right amount of product but also is a fantastic blending brush. I use this daily and have yet to find a brush comparable. This is the only brush that I don't have a similar one in my Sigma collection.

Mac 224 Tapered Blending Brush
If I was to recommend any brush from Mac this would be the one. It is my all time favourite. It is great for creating a smokey eye. After I apply my crease colour with my 217 I use my clean 224 to blend out the colour so I have no harsh lines. I find this brush always pulls my eyeshadow look together.

Eco Tools Bamboo Eye Shadow Brush
The only Mac brushes I don't like are their flat shader brushes used for applying eyeshadow. I find them very stiff. I have owned this Eco tools one for years and reach for it daily to apply my base colour.

Mac 208 Angled Brow Brush 
I would love to purchase this brush in the full size as the little brushes drive me mad. I can never locate it in my brush container. This brush is from a holiday collection. I use it on my brows to brush through them and also to apply eyeshadow to fill out my brows when needed.

Mac 182 Buffer Brush
I have only recently rediscovered this brush. I mainly keep it in my handbag and use it for touch ups. I have now been using it to dust bronzer down my neck. I find it applies the perfect amount of product and is one of the softest brushes I own.

What are your brush essentials?

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