Monday, 7 October 2013

I Need To Learn Self Restraint

I don't know what is wrong with me lately. I can not go into town without purchasing something! My new tacit is to avoid town at all costs until I save some money. Anyway above are my most recent indiscretions. I seen this beautiful bag in TK Maxx and was debating whether to buy it because realistically I do not need another handbag. I decided to have a think about it whilst I wandered around town. When I came back I couldn't see the bag anywhere and I was heartbroken. Thankfully someone had just moved it. Of course this meant I had to buy the bag immediately. 

Next up are these cute River Island boots. When I was walking past River Island I noticed they had a poster stating they were currently offering 20% student discount. This prompted me to have a look inside. They have some absolutely beautiful clothes at the moment. I fell in love with these boots and another positive about them is that they are so comfortable. Now, this is where I need your help. As much as I adore these boots I am totally struggling deciding what to actually wear them with. Everything I pair them with doesn't look quiet right. I don't know is it just that they don't suit me or am I styling them wrong. What would you pair these boot with?

My mum was in Primark the other day and commented that they had some beautiful work clothes so I decided to pop in and have a look. They have some gorgeous pieces. I picked up this fuchsia skater dress and this white blazer. Both pieces are a beautiful fit. I bought them both with work in mind but I am considering wearing the skater dress to my graduation and the white blazer looks fabulous paired with black skinny jeans.


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