Saturday, 2 November 2013

Wrappz Phone Case

About two weeks ago I was contacted by Wrappz offering me the opportunity to try out one of their phone cases. I was absolutely trilled for two reasons the first one being that I have always wanted a personalised phone case and the second one being that I had recently dropped my current phone case and dented it. So this opportunity could not have come at a better time.

I was in awe at how user friendly their website is. You simply choose your model of phone and a mock case appears and then you can upload as many photos as you wish and see what they look like on the case. My biggest dilemma was trying to decided which photo to choose as so many of my photos looked amazing on the case. At first I was tempted to make a collage of all different photos but decided against that as I wanted a stand out picture. Of course all the photos I was choosing from were all my puppy Coco. In the end I went for my all time favourite picture of her. 

I received my phone case within the week which is incredible considering it is totally personalised. I am so impressed with the quality. It is a lovely smooth surface that makes it very easy to slide in and out of your pocket. The only negative is that at the front the case comes up ever so slightly too high so it is not completely flush with the front of my phone but I can get over this. I am so delighted with my case as it makes me feel like I have a totally new phone. The case turned out identical to how it looked on the website. 

I am so over the moon with this product/service that I am also going to purchase one for my friend for her Christmas present. She has just got a new cat "Joey" so I know she would adore a case with him on it. I think I may be bold and when I purchase one for her and I might opt for a collage one for myself. Sure it would be rude not to! 

What are your feelings about personalised phone cases? Do you like them? I love that they give you an opportunity to display some lovely photos you have and honestly I smile every time I see my cute little pup on my phone.

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