Friday, 31 January 2014

#Followthem Blog Hop

Todays post is a little different as I am co-hosting a blog hop with Nykki from JosephineNychole. I use to participate in a lot of blog hop as it is a great way to find new blogs, gain new followers and increase traffic on your blog. Lately I haven't been on the ball with finding new blog hops so when Nikki announced on twitter about co-hosting #Followthem I jumped at the chance. If you would like to get involved feel free to join me in this weeks blog hop.
When life gives you links... Follow Them. Blog Hop. For short; let's call it - the Follow Them. Blog Hop or #Followthem

Meet this weeks Featured Blogger!


Some easy to follow rules...
1. Be a subscriber of my blog and add your blog links.
2. Check out at least 3 of the links before you & come back next week to start again.
3. Check out the Featured Blogger ---
4. Check out your co-hosts!
5. If you'd like to receive notifications of this blog hop; subscribe by email over on


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