Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Hydralauron Masks

You may have seen this product featured on my wish list a couple of months ago. Well, I finally caved and bought the Hydraluron masks with my Boots loyalty card points.

When I first spotted these masks I got very excited as I am a massive fan of the hydraluron serum review here. But when I investigated further I was slightly skeptical. I wondered was it just loads of the original Hydraluron put on a paper sheet and sold as a mask for a stupid price? Yes, they retails for a whopping €26.00 for 4 sheet masks.

However, despite all my reservations I had to try them. My skin has been particularly dry lately due to me being sick so I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to test my masks.

One thing I hate about sheet masks that they make them one size fits all which can be kind of awkward. Once I got the mask situated on my face, it felt nice and relaxing and slightly tingly. I left it on for 20mins. When I removed it, I simply massaged in the excess serum and applied my moisturiser. My skin felt lovely and smooth and plump afterwards. However, I don't think it made a massive difference to my skin. I definitely think there isn't much difference between the masks and the serum even though the ingredients are slightly different.

When I had finished with my sheet mask I felt there was still a lot of product on it so I rubbed it all over my legs as they are particularly dry at the moment. Now this is where it gets interesting. I was suffering from a vomiting bug all last week and during this time I applied the excess Hydraluron serum to my legs and not once did they become flakey. Normally when I am sick my skin goes like a lizard.

Would I purchase them again? Probably not, as I can't justify the price tag. Have you tried the Hydraluron masks? What was your opinion of them?


Monday, 21 April 2014

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker - Nudist

I say everyone at this stage knows that I am a huge Soap & Glory fan. I adore all their body products and they have featured in countless reviews on my blog.  However, I have only recently delved into their makeup line.

So far I have tried the Fast and Volume and unfortunately I was not a fan. I have a review here detailing why, if you are interested. Now, Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick is an entirely different story.  I picked up it up after hearing Fleur De Force recommending it on countless occasions. I am now aware why she is such a fan. It is fabulous. It is the perfect combination of a lipstick and lip gloss. It glides onto your lips and leaves a lovely glossy shine but yet it has the pigmentation of a lipstick. I choose the colour Nudist as it is a “my lips but better shade”.

Since I have bought this it has become a firm favourite of mine and I see myself reaching for it daily.
The only negative remarks I have about this product is the poor colour selection on offer. I rushed back to Boots to purchase some more after I fell in love it, but was disappointed with the colour selection. In the end, I didn’t purchase any more of them. No doubt will repurchase Nudist time and time again. Excuse my picture, as you can tell this is a well loved lip gloss. 

Have you tried the sexy mother pucker lip-gloss? What shade did you choose?


Friday, 18 April 2014

Homeware Haul

I recently popped in Homebase and was in awe at the vast amount of pretty items they have in stock. During the visit I refrained myself and didn't purchase anything, but some of the items played on my mind. I thought they would look cute in my blog picture so I caved and went back and picked up the above. I don't normally buy much in Homebase as I find they are very pricey, but all the items I picked on this occasion were reasonably priced. I really wanted this little saucer that said "favourite things" on it, but it was €12.99, totally not worth the price tag.

If you want to spruce up a room but don't want to spend a fortune, I highly recommend looking at Primark's homeware section. They have some really pretty items. I picked up a fabulous pink throw, the cream fleece pillow and the above fairy lights. Sorry the pictures aren't great.

What have you girls been graviting towards lately? As you can see I am on a homeware kick at the moment.


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Needs, Wants & Essentials


I must have had my head buried in the sand lately. As only recently have these gorgeous Alex and Ani bracelets come onto my radar. I think they are adorable and I love the idea that you stack the bracelets rather than collect charms. There is a few in the collection that I want, but the heart one is on the top of my list. I also love the fact that they are very reasonably priced at approx. €30 each.

One of my work colleagues was wearing this recently and I thought it was absolutely beautiful. It is super delicate and really simple but very pretty. I don't own any nice rings so this is on the top of my wish list.

I was in town during my lunch break the other day and when I was wandering around I spotted this beauty. It is beautiful and a lot brighter in real life. I would love to splurge and purchase it, but how much use would I actually get out of it? I feel if I am going to splurge on a handbag it should be one with a timeless style. I am in need to a good black handbag for work, so this will have to firmly remain on my wish list.

I have been stuck in a rut with my wardrobe lately. I feel I am wearing the same items constantly. I read that when you feel like this you should go back to basics. This staple will match with most items. I want it to pair with my skinny jeans and just pop a coat over it.

Dylon Black Dye 
This is a random item on my wish list, and technically it shouldn't feature on my 'wish list' as I am going to purchase it within the next few days. However, my friend recently mentioned this product and I had to share it with you as I had never considered using it but thought it was a fantastic idea. Do you find that your black jeans fade? My Topshop "Leigh" jeans are guilty of this! Well, instead of always buying a new pair, just dye your old pair. This dye makes it a super simple task. You just empty this sachet into the washing machine drum and voilĂ  your black jeans are as good as new.

New Look Buckle Ankle Boots
I don't know why at the onset of summer I decided I am in dire need of black ankle boots. I think this is a knock on effect from my wardrobe rut. I am wearing my Ugg's far too much, but it was proving difficult finding a comfortable alternative. I saw these on New Look's website and ordered them. I hope they look as cute as the picture.

Converse All Star Oxford Black 
I was trawling through Pinterest the other day and came across a few OOTD's where the girls had paired black converse with black skinnies and I really liked the look. I think it screams effortlessly cool. Therefore, I need them in my life.

Whistles Medium Clutch
This featured in one of my previous wish lists but I still have not bought it. I simply can't justify the price tag, as I mainly want to use it as a make up bag. Although I do feel it would last forever and you have the option of using it as a clutch. So I may be swayed in the future.

Juice Cube 
I am sure everyone who owns an iPhone requires one of these in his or her life. It is an extra charge for your phone so if you are out and around and out battery runs out, you simply hook this device up to your phone and it will charge it. Ingenious? Yes! What would be more ingenious is if apple figured out to make your battery last more than 4 hours.

What is on your wish list? Or have you bought an item lately that you have been lusting after for quite some time?


Monday, 14 April 2014

NOTD Shellac Gotcha

I have become addicted gel nails lately. I have always struggled painting my nails, from smudging them within 10 mins of painting them or that they chip on the second day. It drives me crazy. As one of my pet peeves is chipped nails. Recently, I have found an amazing salon that offers a good price on Shellac and the girl who applies it, is fantastic. I find my manicure lasts up to four weeks. The only drawback is due to the fact that it lasts so long, I end up getting bored of the colour. But that is a drawback I can deal with.

Anyway, I had made an appointment but was unsure of what colour to go for. I kind of wanted a neon pink, but figured it was a bit early in the season for that so I searched Pinterest for inspiration. I saw a swatch of this Shellac colour "gotcha" and fell in love with it. The girl in the photo had a tan and it looked even better on her. Anyway decided to go for it and love it. It is a lovely girly pink that is lovely and bright for spring but not as obnoxious as neon. I opted for the glitter nail for a bit of fun.

What are your favourite Shellac colours? I can never decide what colour to choose.


Saturday, 12 April 2014

Max Factor Miracle Touch Foundation

I have a love hate relationship with this foundation. I love it but hate the price and size of it! It costs a whopping €19.99 which I think is ludacris for a drugstore foundation and also due to the fact you are only getting 11.5g of product.

Putting the price and size aside, this foundation is beautiful. Normally I would never pick up a compact foundation as I have dry skin and find that they tend to cling to my dry patches. But when I tested this on the back of my hand it felt buttery soft and blended beautifully into my skin. I was in the market for a good compact to use for touch ups whilst out and about.

They have a good shade range available but I find I am in between two shades so I tend to opt for the lighter colour (Warm Almond 45) and apply Bourjois bronzing primer underneath. I apply the foundation with my Real Techniques buffing brush. It gives a flawless finish and I find it is long lasting but not drying. I have recently repurchased this foundation which is a testament to how much I love it but I am going to use it solely for touch ups.

Have you tried any Max Factor foundations? Let me know as I would like to try out some more in the collection.

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