Friday, 18 April 2014

Homeware Haul

I recently popped in Homebase and was in awe at the vast amount of pretty items they have in stock. During the visit I refrained myself and didn't purchase anything, but some of the items played on my mind. I thought they would look cute in my blog picture so I caved and went back and picked up the above. I don't normally buy much in Homebase as I find they are very pricey, but all the items I picked on this occasion were reasonably priced. I really wanted this little saucer that said "favourite things" on it, but it was €12.99, totally not worth the price tag.

If you want to spruce up a room but don't want to spend a fortune, I highly recommend looking at Primark's homeware section. They have some really pretty items. I picked up a fabulous pink throw, the cream fleece pillow and the above fairy lights. Sorry the pictures aren't great.

What have you girls been graviting towards lately? As you can see I am on a homeware kick at the moment.


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