Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Hydralauron Masks

You may have seen this product featured on my wish list a couple of months ago. Well, I finally caved and bought the Hydraluron masks with my Boots loyalty card points.

When I first spotted these masks I got very excited as I am a massive fan of the hydraluron serum review here. But when I investigated further I was slightly skeptical. I wondered was it just loads of the original Hydraluron put on a paper sheet and sold as a mask for a stupid price? Yes, they retails for a whopping €26.00 for 4 sheet masks.

However, despite all my reservations I had to try them. My skin has been particularly dry lately due to me being sick so I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to test my masks.

One thing I hate about sheet masks that they make them one size fits all which can be kind of awkward. Once I got the mask situated on my face, it felt nice and relaxing and slightly tingly. I left it on for 20mins. When I removed it, I simply massaged in the excess serum and applied my moisturiser. My skin felt lovely and smooth and plump afterwards. However, I don't think it made a massive difference to my skin. I definitely think there isn't much difference between the masks and the serum even though the ingredients are slightly different.

When I had finished with my sheet mask I felt there was still a lot of product on it so I rubbed it all over my legs as they are particularly dry at the moment. Now this is where it gets interesting. I was suffering from a vomiting bug all last week and during this time I applied the excess Hydraluron serum to my legs and not once did they become flakey. Normally when I am sick my skin goes like a lizard.

Would I purchase them again? Probably not, as I can't justify the price tag. Have you tried the Hydraluron masks? What was your opinion of them?


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