Wednesday, 17 September 2014

John Frieda Full Repair

This product is Holy Grail material for me! I know that is a bold statement but let me explain. I was sent this product to review over a year ago and I never really bothered to use it. I am put off using heat protectants as they tend to make my hair feel sticky/greasy. Anyway, during this period I went to the hair dressers for a trim, this trim resulted in me getting 4inches chopped off my hair, due to all the damage and my hair dresser giving out to me. From that moment I decided I was going to make a considerable effort to use heat protectant every time I styled my hair.

I started using the John Frieda Full Repair and whilst I loved the smell of it and liked how it made my hair feel I wasn’t blown over by it as I noticed no difference with my hair. I kept on using it and 7 months later I decided it was time for another trim. I know 7 months is too long. I am desperate at getting my hair cut, usually because I have to part with so much hair. Well the hair dresser was shocked. She asked what was I using as I had literally no damage and my hair was in great condition. This is all down to John Freida Full Repair.

I then proceed to rush out and purchase 3 more bottles on the 3 for 2 offer in Boots and I have been using it ever since. It is so easy to use and has just become part of my routine now. You simply spray this product on to wet hair before you use any hair tools and voila you are done. You won't see miracles instantly but trust me in the long run you will.   

Have you used this product and what did you think of it?


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